i m on a roll now

i just got my internet fixed, it cost me a whooping rm 200. Mengade punyer beeline, tukar to megafon kang baru tau!!!

Anyways i will be continuing wif my eurotrip blog later on, now a bit the bz wif my peads. Otherwise, hmmm…Well the 3nd day itself i got a “welcome back to russia”-squashed in the bus moment. wen i jumped out the bus, i felt like i was released from under ten heavy mattressses.

Being in russia means having to talk to consumer-hating ppl!!! Nasib baik i m not pakar in russian yet, kalo tak i give u back in ur face like i did today to the girl in beeline center.

Anyways, this is one of the reason y onie russians can stand russians. cos they r so emo all the time.

babble more later!!! ciaoz


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