Babbles of An Earthling

{June 28, 2010}   another year to go

Next year will be(with God’s grace) my last year as a medical student, officially that is. I dun think medicine is a subject whr u can actually stop learning, thr is alwiz sum idiot sumwhr cumin up wif sum new theory(as if we dun hv enuff oredi), or another asshole elsewhr cumin up wif a new life reformin drug which will b claimed to hv min side effect. Wateva the case, we will hv to check up on it, read it, if we like it, recommend it.  But i m not here to “complain”, i just want to write abt this place whr i m in rite now, Russia, a country for which i thought in form 3 while learning geography “Which nutcase wud actually want to go n live there?”…hehehe, well the joke is on me then.

Next year when i leave, i will definitely miss this place, miss my life here, miss many many things. I can tell u now that d onie reason i wud ever cum back home is for(as 7t says it) the 2 F’s; family & food. If Msia didnt hv these things, i wud not even wan to head back at all.

here r a few reasons y i wud miss russia:

– 1st n foremost: the 4 seasons, espclly winter(hr it is definitely a white winter, n knee high level of snow)

-the wind, it constantly windy here, escpecially in spring, my the cool breeze, wonderful feeling

-the transportation system, very very extremely efficient n most importantly on time

– ppl here dun care wat u wear, u wear wat u want, no one cares

– no one hoots n u, or says “mai la adik, naik kerete dgn abg” (i wud understand if they had said in russian)

-i feel safer here, i cud go out 5 pm n cum back at 10pm(mind u, just girls, n not in a car, by bus) wifout worries

-i find shopping more amazing here, maybe its cos of the variety of clothes, brands, shoes is immense n quite affordable, n wen they hv sale, they relli mean sale, the price goes relli down!!! LOVE IT!

-the patients here r very knowledgable, they know everything abt their dcs, from when, to how, to name of drugs, how many times per day, whats the dose, just everything

-not forgetting SOME russian guys, who hv a hot bod or a cute face(i constantly meet one who looks like Ronan Keating).

– n oh yes, the women, the girls, man they r HOT HOT HOT!!!! they r relli beautiful!! seriusly  beautiful!

-the parks, beautiful view of the river n the sunset, simply breathtaking!

what will i NOT miss abt russia

-the freakin unfair markin system!!!!!(breath in, breath out, lets not gt thr today Maalini)

-the ppl hr spit everywhr

-everywhr onie sushi or spagetthi or McD

-the extremes of temperature(-40 celcius to +40)

-unreliable internet system

-very hard to get veges or fruit, or they r freakin expensive

-how those middle age ladies push u here n there in d bus jus cos u r smaller than them

well thats abt it i guess. all i know is this placed changed me for the better. I hv never said i hate it, i may hv hated sum situation or moments but never this place. I guess thats y i survived so far.

it doesn’t matter whr u end up, it what u do with it is wat matters!


{May 21, 2010}   a freaky thursday

well well, my teeth hv a very bad arrangement, thats y my upper set hv braces on them, n the lower ones r gonna hv their latest members extracted.

i was having this really big swell n terrible pain in my mouth for 3 days, n i finally went to see shari on wednesday(actually she came to my room). n wen she checked me, she didnt look happy. she said “i think u hv to cum n see my teacher already. Shari has been tellin me for a few years oredi to get my wisdom tooth extracted, i hv been avoiding it cos of fear of pain, n my dad the same(daddy’s love, wat to do?)

anyway on thursday morning went to see the dentist, n was waiting for shari. while waiting i was not even remotely thinking abt getting my tooth extracted, but i did make a joke abt it to Kiran. He was also patiently waiting for the dentist wif me.

then a group of our academy students came to the same block. the came n asked me” eh, Maalini wat u doing here?” i showed my swollen cheek happily n said “jus came to see for a treatment for this, thats all, i think its a small infxn, btw who is ur teacher?” She replied “oh the tall one!” in my head i was like “great i m gonna show this whole group my oral cavity cos their teacher is my dentist.

Then she came, this tall lady whose aura i wish to hv in the future, u know u cant mess wif this lady. Shari explaint to her abt my situation, n the teacher assumed that i didnt know russian so was using shari as an interpretor. Well while checking me the teacher made a lot of comment about my oral hygiene “she doesnt clean it well, oh n here near the swellin thr is pus, thr is onie none thing to do here,EXTRACTION!!!”

DID SHE JUS SAY EXTRACTION? u mus be kidding me. then she said to me “i will be here if u decide to do it now, but i advise u to do so, cos if u leave it for long u will hv a vertically moving infxn, n by that time ur symptoms n swelling will be worse. i had to make a quick call back home, disturbing my parents who wr busy wif a temple function. all was decided n in 15 minutes i was back on the chair.

dentist gave me anasthesia n my the anasthesia is freakin painful, n i got poked by that long metal syringe nearly 7 times, plus another smaller one another 3 times i think, i guess i lost count. i was reall in pain n so i shut my eyes tight, n she laughed at me, n asked abt my “pottu” to her students, n they wr happily answering. then i was left alone for 10 minutes for the anasthesia to take effect.

the playar like thing

by the time she came back i was mentally prepared for the extraction n any pain. the freaky thing was  tat i was a sample to the students, n like how i used to hear teachers explain wat they wr goin to do, i was listening to wat she was gonna do to ME. every step she explained wif the instrument being flashed rite before my eyes. The freakiest was the “playar”-kind-of -thing use to extract the tooth. during the extraction the pain of the pressure she was putting on my lips n my mandible n my cheek was far worse. she was done in mere few minutes, n i was relieved. but after that she rushed all the students out of the room, n another nurse came in, n told me in russian “take of ur pants n show me ur ass”, WAT THE F?!!!  she said i hv to give u injxn, n so she did. then after all this i left the room, n while waiting to suck it all in shari came n asked me “Hey Maalini, do u hv hepatitis B or C?”    EH?!!!NO! , then shari said that d nurse poked herself after poking me, hahaha!

then was advised of wat not to do, n wat to do. i was really afraid of the pain sinking in so i rushed to the pharmacy n bot one of the strongest pain killers. but then shari told me “pain onie comes one or 2 days after the extraction,” so i took the time to tell the horror story to as many ppl as possible (yes i love attention), n managed to make my parents feel relieved.

oh n every hour i had to take frozen sausage or vege packet, n put it on my face for ten minutes.

oh n the anasthesia was so good, i cudnt feel half of my oral cavity until i woke up from my evening nap. she really was a great dentist cos i heard a freakier story from shari after i got my extraction, sum1 got their tooth extracted after  4 hours, if it was me i wud hv run away, 4 hours?!!! seriously?!!!

{February 2, 2010}   the big events

happened wen i was 10. We moved to a bigger home, wen to a better school and became an official nerd. The shifting was fun, got a nice room for myself and my own bafrum. Was so happy, oh n i was enrolled to piano class, in which i onie lasted 6 years, hahaha, it wasnt fun anymore.

The best experience was in my new school. It was near my moms office so she drove me to school everyday. That time we had a Datsun, i miss that car. I remember seeing other kids in newer cars n feeling glad that i came to school way earlier than them so that they dun see my old car n laugh at me(which they did by the way).  That was also the year i met Jeevan Thavanathan, Ramakrishna Tharini, Shereen Vincent, Grace leong, Jeyanthi, Logeswari, many others n not forgetting meeting Yamunaa Sethunarayanan. Those were the years whr i was beginning to grow up mentally n socially. I was jeevanz n ramaz tuition mate as weel. We studied in Mrs.Jeya’s house. That felt like our second home. We had lunch there, we played there n we fought there too. Guess wat we fought for? Who would finish the two sets of maths book first! HA! like i said, an official nerd.

Those few years in that new primary school, i jadi otak kuning oso thanks to Rama n Jeevan. MY fondest memories of jeevan n rama was wen jeevan use to brgin his boxing gloves in his purple “fido-dido” bag(if i m not mistaken), n make rama beg him for the gloves.

Grace Leong came from Assunta primary school n i was from a kampung school. We wr in the same class in std 5, n we competed to be the best, n we wr the onie ones from the 2nd class to go to the 1st class wen we wr in std 6. One of my greatest achievement drg that time was wen i sat for maths end sem exam(objective paper) n a few hours after finishing it, my maths teacher came in n said “u shud all congratulate Maalini, she is the onie one to get all the right answers!”. Man, was  i proud that day, i went home n told n bragged about it to my mum n dad, hahaha, those wr the days la.

By this time, my sister was oredi 3 years old. That ball of cuteness was a real pain that time. She wud mimic everything i did, n well i didnt like sharing my dad wif her, but hey wat can i do rite, she is my sister! 

That was all about being ten, i was happy but not that happy. I cudnt ride a bike anymore, i was sort of isolated whr i was. My parents didnt let me go free like how they use to when we wr in the pekan, but i guess it was all for the best. look at whr i ended up, russia, whr we hv nothing much to do as well.

{February 1, 2010}   once upon a time…

i was 5 years old. i was the happiest kid in kindergarten, i was the weirdest. wen every other kid was crying so that his/her mummy wont go, i pushed my parents out of the gate. i think i told them, “go, go ,go. i m fine, u go home!”  Hahaha,  that is so me! anyways, my parents stayed back the whole day near the kindergarten until it was time to go back. I went to the kenkid kindergarten. everyday so happy to go to class. The routine was: wake up, granma dress n feed me then i go to school wif “car aunty” n her 2 sons who r studying in the same school.

The 5 year old me.

i m still frenz wif sum of my kindergarten frenz, Catherine  n Amelia Isa. Rebecca(ppl called her becky) was also my schoolmate in secondary school n i remember showing her the pic once of us in the kindergarten. As far as i remember, the last day of school, Catherines mum made jelly for all of us to eat, i think, cos i remember eating jelly. Ouh, n i was number 10 in the whole kindergarten, n i spoke Mandarin n cantonese very well.

Amelia Isa, i look worse than u in this pic.

At the back of this pic i wrote, “My best friend, Amelia Isa”- dang i was so cute.

Hahaha, sumtimes my lunch use to be boiled or scrambled egg wif plain rice…loved it soooo much.

When i was 5 i lived in a pekan. so it was mostly greenery, n my house was mostly made out of papan. When the electricity goes off and it rains, it feels wonderful, n i use to sleep those nights listening to bullfrogs going “Krek, Krok”. In the evenings i use to ride bike wif my cuzinz all over the pekan, or we played badminton in my auntz lawn till it was dusk.

It seems like a long time ago but those were carefree beautiful days. I was happy n yeah the best part i was the onie child that time. Daddy onie little princess, to whom he read stories every night for her to go to sleep. My dad use to sit on the bed, n i wud lie on his legs, n as he read i use to watch his lips move upside down, hehehe, n sumhow fall asleep. N every morning he wud kiss me before he goes to work, n in the evening drink tea wif him n mum while i sat on top of the table watching He-Man,Doraemon or Thundercats.

Appa's little girl


i know i was the kecomelan-yang-tak-terhingga last time(kan, kan, kan?). I miss those days of going to port dickson, the whole lot of us, aunts cuzins, uncles…n we wud rent a house to stay. It was all very sweet memories. I miss it all, n i wud never change a second of it even if i cud.

{December 2, 2009}   2009 is almost over

well, well, *fooo*, blogs really dusty. hv not been here in quite a while.

So since 2009 is cumin to an end, there is a few things i wud like to say.

1. what hv i learnt?

-no more dieting, cos it aint working for more

-i hv to accept who i amn especially how i am

-its ok to be angry, it aint the worst crime on earth

-save up money where u can

-i cant hv everything at once

-i hv to let go wen its time

2. whats my happiest moments?

-seeing amma, appa , the BIG baby at home in summer

-to hear my little Sangeetha call me Chitti n hug me(one time[d last week sumore] in 2.5 months i was back home)

-wen i bought a handbag n presented it to myself on my birthday in Belgium(so sad rite)

-wen i entered little chocolate heaven in Belgium, i didnt even wan to leave

-wen Yeowie sold me his Tefal pot for 500rub, i was so happy, i alwiz wanted a tefal pot.

3. Whats the saddest moments?

-to hear that both my uncles dogs died. They use to welcome me really well wen i gt home every year.

-wen i realised that “in my early 20’s” is about to end

-wen it hit me that i m going to be quarter a century years old in 2010

4. What do i hv to say?

In 2009, onie one thing bugged me the most. I shall describe it now(itz not gonna be that long!). see, wen i was growin up, my mum knew that the onie to make me do the work, is if she yells, n boy, she YELLED. My dad on the other hand, had a different approach, his way was more, lets say, can stab u thru ur heart, but he made his point well. As i came to Russia, away from all the yelling, i tried myself not to yell. In fact i like to show a happy face 24/7 if i can, but it seems that i hv a very serious face, i cant help it. Anyways, when i came here, sumthing irked me off more than yelling, ppl brushing or telling ppl off. Thr r a few ppl who do it very well. N they best part of it is that they r in denial of it. I wont say that i m perfect, i m not. i hv hurt ppl in my own way, but i learn from m mistakes, thats y i tell ppl “tell me, if i made u angry, i will say sorry n change”

My patience level is quite high, actually very high, i can tahan pplz attitude for years n put a smile on my face, but dang, if u push me too far, u dunno wat u r gonna make me do. Dun worry, the worst i will do is keep quiet, remember, i dun like yelling, hahaha. Anyways, i really do hope that sum ppl will change. not for me, for their own good. 

And for 2010, i dun hv resolutions, cos i dun believe in them. i just hope it will be a better year than 2009. its not that 2009 was bad, it was good, but i think life can do better.


{October 23, 2009}   not a good morning

I m very much a morning person. I sumtimes dun understand y ppl can be hving very bad mood every morning, just cos its morning. Its seems really silly. I sumtimes hv bad mornings too, just like today, i was not feeling too well to get up at 5.30 in the morning, n so i msged every1 in the block n told them “x well, wud like d bafrum at 7. thanks, sori.” Sumhow i think the servers in Megafon didnt work cos i didnt bath in my bafrum at all today cos it was filled till 8, i had to bath in sum1 else’s bafrum. Its realli my fault, it dun matter whether u r sick or not, u shud keep at ur time, cos ur disability is none of anyone else’s bzness. Thats wat i learnt today. Everyday is a learning day.

I dun deny being pissed, i was, but i know its my fault. Sumtimes, just sumtimes, u wish u had been cut sum slack. But i guess thats too much to wish for. My Appa alwiz says, “what u r going thru now, is nothing big. Its just part of a learning process, to become a better person”. I know he is rite.

On a lighter note, tomoro is the BIG DIWALI occasion, for which i was “forced” to join in. I didnt want to join in this year too, but circumstances changed n i hv to help my really wonderful frens out , cos sumhow they became responsible. Its a funny story, but too bad it actually happened, so no point crying over spilt milk ei!

thats all for now, muakx to the very few ppl who actually bother to read my blog, now am i inviting u or dis-inviting u, i m confused my self.

{August 9, 2009}   Spain 2009 part 1


In madrid

In madrid

Reaching Madrid was not so tiring. I dun remember how we got to the hostel but i remember that the location of the hostel was absolutely wonderful. Sadly the hostel was not. According to TKM the hostel has won the best hostel awards before, but it was unbelievable.








the view outside of Mucho Madrid

the view outside of Mucho Madrid

The name of the hostel was Mucho madrid. THat day all we did was walk n walk n walk around Madrid.







the view inside Mucho Madrid

the view inside Mucho Madrid

Here i bought a birthday prezzie for myself. We all ate Kebab that day. Nothing much after that really.







Outside Madrid stadium

Outside Madrid stadium

 Oh yeah i went to the stadium. Couldn’t get into the stadium, so kat luar pun jadi le!








can u stop taking my  pics 7t, i know u r bored! We r in a bus for Heaven's sake!!!

can u stop taking my pics 7t, i know u r bored! We r in a bus for Heaven's sake!!!

We took breakfast and had slow walk to the Bus stop. We couldn’t get an earlier ticket to Barcelona, we onie got the 2pm one. The bus ride was for 8 hours. THe bus was quite ok, me, nava, n 7t got the back seat. 7t sat next to an american woman who has learning linguistics. She helped us translate a lot of important things that was said by the bus driver. We reached Barcelona like around 9 or 10 zt nite. Our hostel was located in the safest place. the raods were dark, the ppl there were really weird, so we had to really extra careful. The 3 girls(MSN) got the corner room which had a very big window and since it was raining the room was freakin’ cold and the matresses felt really damp. This hostel was even worse than Mucho Madrid. To top things off, 7ts’ bed broke and for the whole time we were in Barcel she slept on the broken bed.



the Bone castle

the Bone castle

Like any other day we took our breakfast and headed off. We went to this place whr there was suppose to be this free tour. At the end 30 minutes of waiting, we realised there was no such thing. So we went wandering around n on the way TKM saw a great deal for a camera, u know those proffessional camera that almost EVERYBODY  is carrying now. The deal was 165 euros. It was quite nice n he really fancied it. We were heading for this castle which was made out of bones  n to go there we had to pass this street  called La Rambla. Its one really long street with so many stuff to buy, they even sell u REPTILES ok!!! We went on walking till we reached that Bone castle. Cun, serius cun i tell u! I was really amazed at the artist cos he had sum guts to build sumthing like this, he really showed that he believed in himself n his work n not wat others wud think about it. The artists’ name is Gaudi i think, waitla later i put one pic of him ok.




the place where the dropping-camera incident took place

the place where the dropping-camera incident took place

Then we went on to Gaudi’s most famous creation the Sagrada Familia. BUT, there is one big but here, like i said but, on the way there TKM accidentally dropped Nava’s camera n it instantly became dysfunctional. Oh yeah i can hear sum big time gasps here. To all of u, this is the second time i ever saw TKM in a bad mood during our trip. Last year it was me who made him mad, n this year it was his own slippery hands. We decided to cum back to Sagrada the next day n we split into 2 groups; 1 group me n 7t, the rest  in another.




TKM pujuking Nava after the camera incident

TKM pujuking Nava after the camera incident

 Me n 7t went shopping for souvenier whras the other 3 went camera hunting. We all met back in the hostel, n TKM told a sad story tat he didnt buy the camera he wanted cos he spent all his money on Nava’s camera. For a moment there i really kesiankan him. He really look so kesian n to make the story even more believable Sharis’ n Navas’ face were also sad.





All the hype cos of his new professional camera

All the hype cos of his new professional camera

Mana tau, in the end abang beli jugak what he wanted. He has to pay in installments to Shari Ann lo. Thats how the whole “jual bontot” story came up. Hehe, can u imagin TKM jual bontot, hahahaha. Anyways, that nite we all went for makan in a nearby restaurant. The restaurant owner was speaking in Hindi but the way he was speaking it sounded like Singalese(like how the Sri Lankans speak).





eleh! I will buy a better one la TKM, u just wait!

eleh! I will buy a better one la TKM, u just wait!

So in the shop me n 7t were arguing the whole time, whether he was an Indian or a Sri Lankan. Guess wat, both of us were wrong, he was a Pakistani. He was a nice man, he advised us to be very careful in Spain wif our passports.  Then we all went to bed lo.


sorry guys not much pics i m too tired to wait for it to upload. i will put it in part 2.

{July 23, 2009}   babbles!!!

Haha, i didnt do my so called nasty blog. Not that i decided not to, but at the moment that i wanted to, i was being lectured about wat a shopaholic i am. I was sad, so after lecture went to sleep. Kesian kan i.

Today my mum made me even more sad, she said she has succesfully lost 11kg n i looked at myself in the mirror n my mum said “i think the last two kilos i shed went to u!” Yep instead of losing weight(which was my summer holidays’ one n only aim) i hv gained two kilos!

i m sad liao

i m sad liao


But other than that day has been goin on well, my mum is still walking around proudly, i m stuck to the chair n am really grumpy.

Anyways on a lighter note, that pengarah lady/man finally signed my paper but we all start on  different dates. Nana on the 29th, then me on the 1st, then the two boys on the 5th. Sigh, they just hv to do sumthing upside down. 

so for at least another week i goyang anybody in need of sumone free to talk to, sum1 to go out shopping wif, i m here. Just be sure to arrange transportation for me k, then i will cum!

I wish i cud be like this!SIGH!!!

I wish i cud be like this!SIGH!!!

{July 3, 2009}   A dinner to remember!

I m so happy today. I finally got to meet my Form6 frenz. Its been 4 years since i met them, although not all cud make it, i was happy to see those who came. I felt like i was back in 6 Sc 1 again(sob* sob*).

Well the girls hv becum beautiful women, except for Choon Sin, she looks like a little girl wif her white shirt and baby green top. The boys err.. hv well…manage to remain as boys. Chang Chuan has his primary school “i-hate-girls” attitude intact, towards me at least.

The day was ok. We had sum fun talks mostly about me n CCC, cos we wr from Russia and they all hv not met me for like 4 YEARS!!! I wish i cud describe more but i m feeling very weak.

U guys can look at the pix in my facebook. Bye.

{June 30, 2009}   Finally I am babbling

It been almost a week since i am home, n i m bored, really bored. Just the fact that i hv nothing to do, i am like wishing i had a part time job, okla not to that extend but just want sumthing to do. everyday i just stare at facebook n think “What the hell was i doing wif this thing, that i spent so much time on it while studying?”

I wanna go out shopping, but got no kaki n got no transport, hv to depend on Amma n Appa. Anyway, i wont rely on our public transport system oso cos they r so “excellent” in timing. Therefore stuck at home, like rite now. Haiya, if in russia by now i m either in Real or Mega or Pakrovskaya oredi. Sigh!!!

At least i would hv sum1 to gossip or kutuk wif. My roomate is a clown, so thats one of the best entertainment oredi. My blockmates are, err..well…studious but when it comes to shopping no one can beat them la. I hv travelled wif them n i hv spent nearly 45 minutes to an hour in a shop just for them to buy one bag. I wudnt complain much cos i think i spent almost the same amount of time when i wan sumthing

Ha….those were the days, running behind Kok Meng  like anak-anak itik wif our luggage, laptop bags n an extra bag across Europe. Well, TKM no one can beat u in management of a holiday, i wud gladly pay u to plan my future holidays. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Shari-ann, Nava, 7t, Maisara n of cos TKM.

i think i m going too far ahead from topic liao! see if i can think of anything else to babble later.

et cetera