Babbles of An Earthling

{January 9, 2010}   Jai ho

listening to jai ho rite now, n i just remembered that i actually hv a blog! ok thats lame, i dun really remember when i typed a post the last time, but i can feel that it was a long time ago. It’s oredi 2010 eh, i dun hv a new year resolution, every year oso dun hv, cos wats the point of writing down things that u know u will never bother to do. I rather live today, n go to sleep tonite n know that i hv let everyone i love n close to my heart know that i love them, n that i hv done my best today to be a better person than i was yesterday.

Weneva i listen to Jai ho, i think of A.R.Rahman, this man i know(not personally of cos), even before he was world


 famous. His music has alwiz moved me. I love listening to the way he composes his music, he dares to try sumthing different, he pushes his limit, he makes indians listen to sumthing new, he makes us like it too. His voice is not bad either, most of the songs he has sung is one of my favorite. Songs like “New York nagaram” n “Aaruyire” r all very beautiful songs, n they wr very freshto listen to for the indian population.


Talking about indian music industry, there is one man whom i wish to see face to face in my life, n onie this one man, no one else do i want to meet as much as i want to meet him. S.P.Balasubramaniam, i grew up listening to his songs. This one man has sung so many songs n in the 80’s he was a big hit. His voice is beautiful, n u can feel the exact emotion that the music director want to potray thru his songs, in S.P.B’s voice.

In the acting section, most guys wud say Rajinikanth, but since i m a girl n i dun care about stylo mylo, i like kamal

Kamal Hassan

hassan. Kamal Hassan is sumone who pushes himself to the utmost limit to make a perfect movie. This man does movies for the love of movies, very rarely actors do it for the love of acting. He is proof that if u r passionate about sumthing u will excel in it.


Kamal Hassan is as old as my dad, so i cant like him that much u see, so of cos i wud like sumone younger. i like Surya. Wen i first started liking him, i was like “this guy is all looks, he is not gonna make it to the top” but hey look at him now. he is one of the best actors of my time. n i am glad i liked him , n even though i didnt believe it myself, i use to tell my cuzins “u just wait, surya is gonna be big one day” n he is!

Well y am i talking about these men. These men weneva i hear them or see them, in my head i remember that these men love what they do. Thats y they excel, if i want to be at least half as successful as them in my field, i gotta love wat i m gonna do. i gotta be passionate about medicine, i gotta want to be whr i am now. N the best out of it is that they r all indians(i am not being racist) n i m an indian n i can make it.

like my father alwiz said “success cums to those who really want it but onie if they work for it”


{December 8, 2009}   a quickie

It seems really easy to find wat we dun hv more than wat we do hv. For instance, i hv a ton of shoes in my room but still i constantly think of getting myself a knee high or just below knee boots. For my eyes i cud onie see these shoes whrever i go. *sigh* Same goes for ppl, i constantly think, if onie this person cud be like this or that, i wud be happier.

Y r ppl like that? is it cos we want perfection? Or is it that we r biologically made to b like that, like u know thats how we r? i mean, we wanted the best meat in the jungle wen wr running around wif jus loin cloths on us, Get my point? Well i hope so. haih, i wonder wen will we stop looking, or rather wen will i stop lookin at just wats wrong, or wats missing than wats rite n wats there.

*yawn* toodles.good nite

{October 12, 2009}   series, series, series!!!

Be it indian, cantonese, malay, hindi, english, be it wateva language, drama series are addictive! for me n for u, yeah u, dun actla k! the romance, the thrill, the humor, oh wat fun!!! I like series too, even anime(ONE PIECE!!!). Currently i love House, CSI, One piece n thats about it for now.  I love House in House, i love every1 in CSI n I love Luffy in One piece. The growing up to each other process, the complications, the hypocrasy, u name it,i love it!!!

But wat i m sure almost all of us realise is that, our life is part of a series too. The baby season, the kindergarden season, the reaching adolescence season, the “nobody-understands-me” season & etc. Honestly, if i made a series of myself, sure tak laris wan, takde drama langsung, gosh i was boring.

Well, in every season of the series there would be one big crisis. That would the most sought after part of the whole season. How the crises is solved and wat we learnt from it is very important, n thats wat keeps us addicted to the series. y am i talking about this, wats the whole point of this blog, I TAK TAU!!! SAJE JE, RASE MACAM NAK BLOG, I BLOG LA, MASE AKU YG DIBAZIR KAN!!! HEHEHE!!!

actually, i nak cakap yg everything pun ade endingnyer. baik buruk, baik jahat, kite kene teruskan hidup. U gotta live ur life, so move on. Kalo nak dread in the past, sape sakit hati, kiteeeee jugak, kalo mengamuk giler giler, sape sakit mulut, kiteeee jugak. So, tak yah la nak emo sangat dalam hidup ni. Emo tu bagus, tapi ape2 pun kalo terlebih memang tak bagus kan. “Looks who is talking, the DRAMA QUEEN!!!”  u say eh? Hey like i said hidup ni macam series kan, kalo takde drama tak jalan la oi!

this is not related at all wif wat i m going to say, but i just wanna say that in my life i hv realised that confrontation works much better than back stabbing.

ouh by the way, i hv diagnosed myself wif “obsessive-compulsive disorder” over my bed. now that i hv warned u, dun terkejut biler i jump at u nanti.

Thats all, i know i was boring n half way thru u went like “whr is she going wif this?” i was bored n i had nothing to do la, sorry k! muaks, SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyang u all!!!

a few quotes that i liked during this month;

“u’re unhappy wif the riches, cos ur piss poor morally”- Live ur life song

“i will stop being a bitch, wen men like u stop behaving like dogs”- Kareena Kapoor, Kambakht Ishq

“step by step, drink tea n coffee n decide, its easy”-Prof.Parshikov, peads surgery

“n the 7th thing i hate the most that u do, u make me love u”- Miley cyrus, 7 things


{June 30, 2009}   Finally I am babbling

It been almost a week since i am home, n i m bored, really bored. Just the fact that i hv nothing to do, i am like wishing i had a part time job, okla not to that extend but just want sumthing to do. everyday i just stare at facebook n think “What the hell was i doing wif this thing, that i spent so much time on it while studying?”

I wanna go out shopping, but got no kaki n got no transport, hv to depend on Amma n Appa. Anyway, i wont rely on our public transport system oso cos they r so “excellent” in timing. Therefore stuck at home, like rite now. Haiya, if in russia by now i m either in Real or Mega or Pakrovskaya oredi. Sigh!!!

At least i would hv sum1 to gossip or kutuk wif. My roomate is a clown, so thats one of the best entertainment oredi. My blockmates are, err..well…studious but when it comes to shopping no one can beat them la. I hv travelled wif them n i hv spent nearly 45 minutes to an hour in a shop just for them to buy one bag. I wudnt complain much cos i think i spent almost the same amount of time when i wan sumthing

Ha….those were the days, running behind Kok Meng  like anak-anak itik wif our luggage, laptop bags n an extra bag across Europe. Well, TKM no one can beat u in management of a holiday, i wud gladly pay u to plan my future holidays. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Shari-ann, Nava, 7t, Maisara n of cos TKM.

i think i m going too far ahead from topic liao! see if i can think of anything else to babble later.

{September 30, 2008}   a waste of a dream

I hv alwiz wanted to be a doctor, n so did my parents. It was not installed in me neither was I forced. Ppl ask me why I wanted to be a doctor, I said its my passion. They asked me what do u mean by your passion. I said i wanted to help someone spend as much time wif his/her family by keeping him/her healthy. I wanted to help my patient to prevent as much disaster to himself/herself as much as I could probably prevent.  That’s me n my dream, its becoming more of a reality day by day.

Hence, why did I say “a waste of a dream” ? I pity those who weren’t as lucky as me. Those who hv had different dreams but were forced to be in a different reality. Some of them, I could say put this upon themsleves. They may have had big dreams but did not work for it. They lost their way and therefore lost their dreams. About these ppl, i hv to say that sum do make the best of wat they hv gotten. The best example is my cuzin, he studied something in computing, but ended up as a medical equipment salesman. Is he sad? Why would he be when his jobs requires him to travel the world, at the moment, he is in Hong Kong, SPONSORED BY THE COMPANY!!!! I am so jealous!

Moving on, there are others who hv worked hard, planned every step of their way towards achieving their dreams, but BA-DA-BOOM!!! Plan hangs halfway or worse, terminated. The reason maybe finacial, medical, psychological, or whatever.These ppl r the most pitiful ones, I mean u nourish ur dream, u take care of it everyway u can, but then sumthing happens that u hv to let go of ur plan, u hv to let go of ur dream. Hv i seen it happen? No, but i hv  heard about it…A LOT.

There is this one situation though that i can’t quite digest. Mind you, this is a real situation. This person really wanted to be in medicine and the person’s father could afford to send to India. D person went, has been there for over 4 years now, but the funny thing is, d person is still in 1st year. I mean u r getting wat u want, and ur parent also is spending the money just cos it is their childs dream. Dun tell me the person cant make it thru first year. If u r not capable why waste ur time there and why waste another persons dream. Why waste the space? Sum1 else cud hv taken ur place every of the year u hv been repeating, and that person cud hv achieved their dreams.

What do u think?

{July 30, 2008}   Anak tak gune!!!

                         I hv been in IJN almost 2 weeks now, I have to say its a much better place than UH to learn. Ppl in IJN actually are very eager to teach u new things and they try to make u do hands-on as well. Nana got to take blood, but I hv not got my victim yet. I wonder who would that (un)lucky person be. Hehe!

                             Anyways this whole two weeks i have been seeing mostly old patients, like 60 to 80 years old. I pity most of them cos they cum all the way to IJN by themselves. There was this 80 year old Indian man, he was in a lot of pain, he could not breath that well. When he saw me he asked in English “Are you M’sian?” .  I said I am, and wondered why he had asked me that question. I guess my expression was very quizzical, he said “You don’t look like M’sian.”  For a moment I was happy he said that, then I remembered that 3 of the MO’s there were from India and Bangladesh. I secretly still wonder where he thought I was from. Then he told me in Tamil, his head was very painful. I went to looked for a nurse and told them he was in a lot of pain, the nurse told me that his consultant was on the way.

                              I went back to that old man. He looked at me and asked me to guess his age. I said 60, he said no, 80, he said YES. But he didnt look 80 to me. Then  he told me that he has 7 children just like me, all are successful. He said he put all his hard work to bring them up but today he has nobody to look after him. He said his children don’t care about his health and that he came here all by himself, he drove to IJN with all the chest pain and difficulty breathing. For the moment I listened to him but in my mind I was thinking, probably his children were busy this time but before they surely would have followed him, at least one out of the 7. I gave him a sympathetic smile, not knowing whether it was enough to comfort him. About 20 minutes later the nurse and the consultant(I dont like this guy cos he looked like sum1 i HATE so much!!!) came. After their check up on the old man, the nurse told me and Nana, that the old man always came by himself. Her exact words were “keluarga pak cik ni abaikan die!”  I felt real bad for this man, in his age sum1 should be by his side, taking care of him. The nurse asked the old man

“Pak cik datang dengan siapa?”

“Datang sama cucu”

“cucu boleh drive?”

“haha, die budak kecik lagi, saya yang drive”

I felt real bad, the consultant told him to rest in the ward until he was a bit better then drive home.

           Another patient was a Malay old woman. She came with her husband to IJN all the way from Shah Alam by taxi. Her actual appointment was 3 months away, but her pain was very bad she complained. The MO’s checked her and asked her to go home, but they told her that they gave her an early appointment, in September. Well then on she started to bising, she complained how she only had two kids and one was sick and the other was busy working. I suppose she went on with her rambling for about an hour,cos she wanted to be admitted, and finally she achieved her goal. But then again, how could the children be so inconsiderate of their parents. No matter how much of work you have don’t tell me u can’t help your parents by sending them and taking them back. Until today i have never seen any1 visiting the old couple, the old lady was lucky she has a loving husband.

How could adults these days be so inconsiderate? Your parents would do anything to see you healthy and happy, but when it is the adults turn to take care of their parents, they just let their parents go. In each religion, they say that you have to take care of your parents. In my opinion even if it is not return so, they are your parents, YOU BLOODY HELL OWE THEM EVERYTHING!!!

I just hope this stupid “trend” would stop. I seriously feel like cursing each and every1 one of these “anak tak guna”, i mean to see these old people suffer all by themself with no one to take care of them. I don’t think there is any good excuse to not take care of your parents

Well I didn’t wanna put a very speculative title, but I am about to write about the VERY FAMOUS BLA-BLA-BLAS IN M’SIA. They are from the M’sian politicians. I mean we’v eall read our history books thoroughly, we know the reason why our country fell into the hands of the Westerners in the first place, the fight for power, and the constant bickering of who is better than who.

Here we are, after 51 years of independance repeating the same mistakes, and its worsen by the campur tangan of the US(Seriusly who the heck are they nak masuk campur dgn hal kite orang ini? Cucila belakang sendiri sebelum nak kutuk orang lain). The election has been over along time ago, but it seems as though the election campaign is still going on.

But why? What is done is done, why don’t our politicians think of the ppl and do whats best for them(ppl) instead of kutuking each other’s party. Its damn funny you know, macam budak kecik ok!

But I hv to say I like the way the PKR candidates talk. Its very proffesional! Tak tengking, tak marah, cakap semue dgn emotion yg stabil, dan takla nampak macam ade ceramah atau kuliah. I like the way they answer very ridiculous questions asked by the reporters. Like for example, the other day the Perak MP was talking about some pemberian tanah, and it was first come first serve basis, and he did mention tak kira bangse atau agame. Well I suppose that was fair enough and it was for ppl below the income of RM750/month if I am not mistaken. Well, then a repoter asked:

Reporter: Are you going to follow the PAS(Islamic) way of dealing in this state? 

MP: (Looking pissed but was calm) Why are you asking me that question? Keadilan(as in the pembahagian tanah to every1) bukan Islamic ke?

Reporter: (Knows he has been slapped) errr…tanye je…

Well, I was impressed with the way the MP talked. The Selangor MP was not bad either.

I would like to say that I am not promoting anyone or what so ever, but I am just suggesting that it is time that we had proffesional politicians. We need these kind of ppl. For me, I think its time for a change. We need change. We need ppl who can concentrate on the rakyat & not so consumed with their party.

Another thing that has been going on is the Anwar sodomy case. Just when you think its over its back again. I have no comment on the issue but I find that the involvement of the US is unnecessary and ridiculous.

Well I miss the Dr.M way of administration a lot. I felt that he was stronger person, he was a visionary and he made M’sia as it is now. The other I asked my dad why Pak Lah seems very weak, can he manage this country? My dad said that I(actually every) think Pak Lah is weak because everyone keeps comparing him with Dr.M. My dad said that Pak Lah lets ppl give their opinion, if it was Dr.M you would have no say. Maybe its true, but I am longing for a change in this country.

Last but not least I would like to finish this boring topic by saying, lets hope for the best for our future

et cetera