another year to go

Next year will be(with God’s grace) my last year as a medical student, officially that is. I dun think medicine is a subject whr u can actually stop learning, thr is alwiz sum idiot sumwhr cumin up wif sum new theory(as if we dun hv enuff oredi), or another asshole elsewhr cumin up wif a new life reformin drug which will b claimed to hv min side effect. Wateva the case, we will hv to check up on it, read it, if we like it, recommend it.  But i m not here to “complain”, i just want to write abt this place whr i m in rite now, Russia, a country for which i thought in form 3 while learning geography “Which nutcase wud actually want to go n live there?”…hehehe, well the joke is on me then.

Next year when i leave, i will definitely miss this place, miss my life here, miss many many things. I can tell u now that d onie reason i wud ever cum back home is for(as 7t says it) the 2 F’s; family & food. If Msia didnt hv these things, i wud not even wan to head back at all.

here r a few reasons y i wud miss russia:

– 1st n foremost: the 4 seasons, espclly winter(hr it is definitely a white winter, n knee high level of snow)

-the wind, it constantly windy here, escpecially in spring, my the cool breeze, wonderful feeling

-the transportation system, very very extremely efficient n most importantly on time

– ppl here dun care wat u wear, u wear wat u want, no one cares

– no one hoots n u, or says “mai la adik, naik kerete dgn abg” (i wud understand if they had said in russian)

-i feel safer here, i cud go out 5 pm n cum back at 10pm(mind u, just girls, n not in a car, by bus) wifout worries

-i find shopping more amazing here, maybe its cos of the variety of clothes, brands, shoes is immense n quite affordable, n wen they hv sale, they relli mean sale, the price goes relli down!!! LOVE IT!

-the patients here r very knowledgable, they know everything abt their dcs, from when, to how, to name of drugs, how many times per day, whats the dose, just everything

-not forgetting SOME russian guys, who hv a hot bod or a cute face(i constantly meet one who looks like Ronan Keating).

– n oh yes, the women, the girls, man they r HOT HOT HOT!!!! they r relli beautiful!! seriusly  beautiful!

-the parks, beautiful view of the river n the sunset, simply breathtaking!

what will i NOT miss abt russia

-the freakin unfair markin system!!!!!(breath in, breath out, lets not gt thr today Maalini)

-the ppl hr spit everywhr

-everywhr onie sushi or spagetthi or McD

-the extremes of temperature(-40 celcius to +40)

-unreliable internet system

-very hard to get veges or fruit, or they r freakin expensive

-how those middle age ladies push u here n there in d bus jus cos u r smaller than them

well thats abt it i guess. all i know is this placed changed me for the better. I hv never said i hate it, i may hv hated sum situation or moments but never this place. I guess thats y i survived so far.

it doesn’t matter whr u end up, it what u do with it is wat matters!


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