a freaky thursday

well well, my teeth hv a very bad arrangement, thats y my upper set hv braces on them, n the lower ones r gonna hv their latest members extracted.

i was having this really big swell n terrible pain in my mouth for 3 days, n i finally went to see shari on wednesday(actually she came to my room). n wen she checked me, she didnt look happy. she said “i think u hv to cum n see my teacher already. Shari has been tellin me for a few years oredi to get my wisdom tooth extracted, i hv been avoiding it cos of fear of pain, n my dad the same(daddy’s love, wat to do?)

anyway on thursday morning went to see the dentist, n was waiting for shari. while waiting i was not even remotely thinking abt getting my tooth extracted, but i did make a joke abt it to Kiran. He was also patiently waiting for the dentist wif me.

then a group of our academy students came to the same block. the came n asked me” eh, Maalini wat u doing here?” i showed my swollen cheek happily n said “jus came to see for a treatment for this, thats all, i think its a small infxn, btw who is ur teacher?” She replied “oh the tall one!” in my head i was like “great i m gonna show this whole group my oral cavity cos their teacher is my dentist.

Then she came, this tall lady whose aura i wish to hv in the future, u know u cant mess wif this lady. Shari explaint to her abt my situation, n the teacher assumed that i didnt know russian so was using shari as an interpretor. Well while checking me the teacher made a lot of comment about my oral hygiene “she doesnt clean it well, oh n here near the swellin thr is pus, thr is onie none thing to do here,EXTRACTION!!!”

DID SHE JUS SAY EXTRACTION? u mus be kidding me. then she said to me “i will be here if u decide to do it now, but i advise u to do so, cos if u leave it for long u will hv a vertically moving infxn, n by that time ur symptoms n swelling will be worse. i had to make a quick call back home, disturbing my parents who wr busy wif a temple function. all was decided n in 15 minutes i was back on the chair.

dentist gave me anasthesia n my the anasthesia is freakin painful, n i got poked by that long metal syringe nearly 7 times, plus another smaller one another 3 times i think, i guess i lost count. i was reall in pain n so i shut my eyes tight, n she laughed at me, n asked abt my “pottu” to her students, n they wr happily answering. then i was left alone for 10 minutes for the anasthesia to take effect.

the playar like thing

by the time she came back i was mentally prepared for the extraction n any pain. the freaky thing was  tat i was a sample to the students, n like how i used to hear teachers explain wat they wr goin to do, i was listening to wat she was gonna do to ME. every step she explained wif the instrument being flashed rite before my eyes. The freakiest was the “playar”-kind-of -thing use to extract the tooth. during the extraction the pain of the pressure she was putting on my lips n my mandible n my cheek was far worse. she was done in mere few minutes, n i was relieved. but after that she rushed all the students out of the room, n another nurse came in, n told me in russian “take of ur pants n show me ur ass”, WAT THE F?!!!  she said i hv to give u injxn, n so she did. then after all this i left the room, n while waiting to suck it all in shari came n asked me “Hey Maalini, do u hv hepatitis B or C?”    EH?!!!NO! , then shari said that d nurse poked herself after poking me, hahaha!

then was advised of wat not to do, n wat to do. i was really afraid of the pain sinking in so i rushed to the pharmacy n bot one of the strongest pain killers. but then shari told me “pain onie comes one or 2 days after the extraction,” so i took the time to tell the horror story to as many ppl as possible (yes i love attention), n managed to make my parents feel relieved.

oh n every hour i had to take frozen sausage or vege packet, n put it on my face for ten minutes.

oh n the anasthesia was so good, i cudnt feel half of my oral cavity until i woke up from my evening nap. she really was a great dentist cos i heard a freakier story from shari after i got my extraction, sum1 got their tooth extracted after  4 hours, if it was me i wud hv run away, 4 hours?!!! seriously?!!!


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