uneventful life

well, my life is sooo boring all i hv is my laptop. so kekesianan! anyways cant go shopping anymore cos exam is very very near the corner. anyways its been a long time since i blogged, i hv lost the inspiration to blog. Usually i just complain like wat i m doing rite now.

anyways here r a few pics i wud like u to see

jensen ackles a.k.a Dean Winchester, supernatural
Dennis Oh@Dennis O'Neil
this beautiful man i m sure u all know
Thomas Gibson a.k.a SSA Aaron Hotchner, criminal minds
South Indian actor, Surya Sivakumar

These r a few men i enjoy drooling at, i m sure most the guys up here most of u know except the Asian ones. Dennis Oh, is a korean actor, he acted in a drama called Witch Yoo-Hee n i loved his character. Surya is a famous n very talented indian actor, i m sure most of u like onie the Bollywood actors n actresses, well they r more glamorous than south indian, talking abt Bollywood, i forgot this man

Arjun Rampal

This gorgeous one is from bollywood, not very famous though! so if u hv the time, can u tell me the similiarities btwn these men, that u can see! they r  r very similar! seriously! well if u hv time to waste, pls tell me, if u dun, just enjoy the pics!


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