the milestone

I was 15. I played a lot the previous 2 years. I just changed to be so different. I didnt like homeworks, i just wanted to hv fun. I liked 911, i collected all their poster, i listened and sang to their songs. I knew every song, everyword, every melody. I became lazy n very mischievious. i didnt hv any dreams, any ambition, school became a wonderful place to escape. But wen i was fifteen it all just changed.

I travelled to kl 3 times every week by public bus to go to tuition. The tuition centre was very famous and the teachers made learning very entertaining. My grades went up, n i was more serius wif my work. Travelling on my own in the bus was a very useful experience for me. I was able to be independant for those brief moments, but the experience was not all the way nice, it had its ups n downs. Travelling to the tuition centre from my school was sumwat  an adventourous moment, i went wif my frenz n sumtimes they wud say “aiyah ponteng one day la, cum lets go central market, just go around n lepak!” .Was tempted to but the vision of my mom finding out about tis scared me away every time.

That year i was a good kid, but onie for that year. My dad told me “this is it, this is the year that u decide wether its science or arts” sounded huge that time. hehehe, so thr wif that fearsome quote in my head i studied n for that year n the two previous years whr i had lost so much on.

The exam days were ok, but the day before the results came out. i was freaking out. I still remember that night, my dad came home from work, n i stuttered n told him “t..t.ttomoro rrresults cuming Out.” n u know wat my dad said ” so? u r probably gonna get 2 or 3 A’s onie” HUA!!!! i was so embarassed, i was like “HUA!!!U DUN BELIEVE IN ME!!”. the next morning, those words were running in my head, n wen i saw my results, the next thing on my head was “whr is the phone, whr is the phone, whr is the DAMN phone?!!!” i needed to call my dad n tell him “i ACED it all, HA!!!”

But my mom said, ur dad is in the school. i ran to find him, but just before i reahced him, i cooled down went near him , n handed him the paper, waiting to say sumthing wen he looks up at me. My head was streaming for bombastically sarcastic words while muttering “look up pa, look up…i wanna say sumthing”. Finally, he looked up wif tears in his eye, hugged me wifout taking off his helmet. My head banged his helmet, n all the words which i had prepared went missing. N i felt so stupid for thinking of being sarcastic to my own father. he was so proud of me, he alwiz was, he just needed to make me strong n he did.   

The tuition centre whr i studied does this annual prize giving ceremony for their students, n my dad followed me for that occasion. He was so happy, then he came for the one in my school too. That was one year whr i had made him believe in me. Believe that i cud make it thru.

Many of u wud hv realized by now, that i constantly talk of my dad. I admire my dad, to me he is a hero, i want to be him in every way i can. The way my dad brought me up is very different, he told me once that “u r not just my daughter, u r my son too” n from the way he taught me, i know i was.

Well, next year(OMG, finally i can say next year) wen i grad, it will b the ultimatum of my dads achievements. i hope that i will grad wifout any problems.


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