the big events

happened wen i was 10. We moved to a bigger home, wen to a better school and became an official nerd. The shifting was fun, got a nice room for myself and my own bafrum. Was so happy, oh n i was enrolled to piano class, in which i onie lasted 6 years, hahaha, it wasnt fun anymore.

The best experience was in my new school. It was near my moms office so she drove me to school everyday. That time we had a Datsun, i miss that car. I remember seeing other kids in newer cars n feeling glad that i came to school way earlier than them so that they dun see my old car n laugh at me(which they did by the way).  That was also the year i met Jeevan Thavanathan, Ramakrishna Tharini, Shereen Vincent, Grace leong, Jeyanthi, Logeswari, many others n not forgetting meeting Yamunaa Sethunarayanan. Those were the years whr i was beginning to grow up mentally n socially. I was jeevanz n ramaz tuition mate as weel. We studied in Mrs.Jeya’s house. That felt like our second home. We had lunch there, we played there n we fought there too. Guess wat we fought for? Who would finish the two sets of maths book first! HA! like i said, an official nerd.

Those few years in that new primary school, i jadi otak kuning oso thanks to Rama n Jeevan. MY fondest memories of jeevan n rama was wen jeevan use to brgin his boxing gloves in his purple “fido-dido” bag(if i m not mistaken), n make rama beg him for the gloves.

Grace Leong came from Assunta primary school n i was from a kampung school. We wr in the same class in std 5, n we competed to be the best, n we wr the onie ones from the 2nd class to go to the 1st class wen we wr in std 6. One of my greatest achievement drg that time was wen i sat for maths end sem exam(objective paper) n a few hours after finishing it, my maths teacher came in n said “u shud all congratulate Maalini, she is the onie one to get all the right answers!”. Man, was  i proud that day, i went home n told n bragged about it to my mum n dad, hahaha, those wr the days la.

By this time, my sister was oredi 3 years old. That ball of cuteness was a real pain that time. She wud mimic everything i did, n well i didnt like sharing my dad wif her, but hey wat can i do rite, she is my sister! 

That was all about being ten, i was happy but not that happy. I cudnt ride a bike anymore, i was sort of isolated whr i was. My parents didnt let me go free like how they use to when we wr in the pekan, but i guess it was all for the best. look at whr i ended up, russia, whr we hv nothing much to do as well.


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