once upon a time…

i was 5 years old. i was the happiest kid in kindergarten, i was the weirdest. wen every other kid was crying so that his/her mummy wont go, i pushed my parents out of the gate. i think i told them, “go, go ,go. i m fine, u go home!”  Hahaha,  that is so me! anyways, my parents stayed back the whole day near the kindergarten until it was time to go back. I went to the kenkid kindergarten. everyday so happy to go to class. The routine was: wake up, granma dress n feed me then i go to school wif “car aunty” n her 2 sons who r studying in the same school.

The 5 year old me.

i m still frenz wif sum of my kindergarten frenz, Catherine  n Amelia Isa. Rebecca(ppl called her becky) was also my schoolmate in secondary school n i remember showing her the pic once of us in the kindergarten. As far as i remember, the last day of school, Catherines mum made jelly for all of us to eat, i think, cos i remember eating jelly. Ouh, n i was number 10 in the whole kindergarten, n i spoke Mandarin n cantonese very well.

Amelia Isa, i look worse than u in this pic.

At the back of this pic i wrote, “My best friend, Amelia Isa”- dang i was so cute.

Hahaha, sumtimes my lunch use to be boiled or scrambled egg wif plain rice…loved it soooo much.

When i was 5 i lived in a pekan. so it was mostly greenery, n my house was mostly made out of papan. When the electricity goes off and it rains, it feels wonderful, n i use to sleep those nights listening to bullfrogs going “Krek, Krok”. In the evenings i use to ride bike wif my cuzinz all over the pekan, or we played badminton in my auntz lawn till it was dusk.

It seems like a long time ago but those were carefree beautiful days. I was happy n yeah the best part i was the onie child that time. Daddy onie little princess, to whom he read stories every night for her to go to sleep. My dad use to sit on the bed, n i wud lie on his legs, n as he read i use to watch his lips move upside down, hehehe, n sumhow fall asleep. N every morning he wud kiss me before he goes to work, n in the evening drink tea wif him n mum while i sat on top of the table watching He-Man,Doraemon or Thundercats.

Appa's little girl


i know i was the kecomelan-yang-tak-terhingga last time(kan, kan, kan?). I miss those days of going to port dickson, the whole lot of us, aunts cuzins, uncles…n we wud rent a house to stay. It was all very sweet memories. I miss it all, n i wud never change a second of it even if i cud.


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