a quickie

It seems really easy to find wat we dun hv more than wat we do hv. For instance, i hv a ton of shoes in my room but still i constantly think of getting myself a knee high or just below knee boots. For my eyes i cud onie see these shoes whrever i go. *sigh* Same goes for ppl, i constantly think, if onie this person cud be like this or that, i wud be happier.

Y r ppl like that? is it cos we want perfection? Or is it that we r biologically made to b like that, like u know thats how we r? i mean, we wanted the best meat in the jungle wen wr running around wif jus loin cloths on us, Get my point? Well i hope so. haih, i wonder wen will we stop looking, or rather wen will i stop lookin at just wats wrong, or wats missing than wats rite n wats there.

*yawn* toodles.good nite


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