2009 is almost over

well, well, *fooo*, blogs really dusty. hv not been here in quite a while.

So since 2009 is cumin to an end, there is a few things i wud like to say.

1. what hv i learnt?

-no more dieting, cos it aint working for more

-i hv to accept who i amn especially how i am

-its ok to be angry, it aint the worst crime on earth

-save up money where u can

-i cant hv everything at once

-i hv to let go wen its time

2. whats my happiest moments?

-seeing amma, appa , the BIG baby at home in summer

-to hear my little Sangeetha call me Chitti n hug me(one time[d last week sumore] in 2.5 months i was back home)

-wen i bought a handbag n presented it to myself on my birthday in Belgium(so sad rite)

-wen i entered little chocolate heaven in Belgium, i didnt even wan to leave

-wen Yeowie sold me his Tefal pot for 500rub, i was so happy, i alwiz wanted a tefal pot.

3. Whats the saddest moments?

-to hear that both my uncles dogs died. They use to welcome me really well wen i gt home every year.

-wen i realised that “in my early 20’s” is about to end

-wen it hit me that i m going to be quarter a century years old in 2010

4. What do i hv to say?

In 2009, onie one thing bugged me the most. I shall describe it now(itz not gonna be that long!). see, wen i was growin up, my mum knew that the onie to make me do the work, is if she yells, n boy, she YELLED. My dad on the other hand, had a different approach, his way was more, lets say, can stab u thru ur heart, but he made his point well. As i came to Russia, away from all the yelling, i tried myself not to yell. In fact i like to show a happy face 24/7 if i can, but it seems that i hv a very serious face, i cant help it. Anyways, when i came here, sumthing irked me off more than yelling, ppl brushing or telling ppl off. Thr r a few ppl who do it very well. N they best part of it is that they r in denial of it. I wont say that i m perfect, i m not. i hv hurt ppl in my own way, but i learn from m mistakes, thats y i tell ppl “tell me, if i made u angry, i will say sorry n change”

My patience level is quite high, actually very high, i can tahan pplz attitude for years n put a smile on my face, but dang, if u push me too far, u dunno wat u r gonna make me do. Dun worry, the worst i will do is keep quiet, remember, i dun like yelling, hahaha. Anyways, i really do hope that sum ppl will change. not for me, for their own good. 

And for 2010, i dun hv resolutions, cos i dun believe in them. i just hope it will be a better year than 2009. its not that 2009 was bad, it was good, but i think life can do better.



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