not a good morning

I m very much a morning person. I sumtimes dun understand y ppl can be hving very bad mood every morning, just cos its morning. Its seems really silly. I sumtimes hv bad mornings too, just like today, i was not feeling too well to get up at 5.30 in the morning, n so i msged every1 in the block n told them “x well, wud like d bafrum at 7. thanks, sori.” Sumhow i think the servers in Megafon didnt work cos i didnt bath in my bafrum at all today cos it was filled till 8, i had to bath in sum1 else’s bafrum. Its realli my fault, it dun matter whether u r sick or not, u shud keep at ur time, cos ur disability is none of anyone else’s bzness. Thats wat i learnt today. Everyday is a learning day.

I dun deny being pissed, i was, but i know its my fault. Sumtimes, just sumtimes, u wish u had been cut sum slack. But i guess thats too much to wish for. My Appa alwiz says, “what u r going thru now, is nothing big. Its just part of a learning process, to become a better person”. I know he is rite.

On a lighter note, tomoro is the BIG DIWALI occasion, for which i was “forced” to join in. I didnt want to join in this year too, but circumstances changed n i hv to help my really wonderful frens out , cos sumhow they became responsible. Its a funny story, but too bad it actually happened, so no point crying over spilt milk ei!

thats all for now, muakx to the very few ppl who actually bother to read my blog, now am i inviting u or dis-inviting u, i m confused my self.


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