series, series, series!!!

Be it indian, cantonese, malay, hindi, english, be it wateva language, drama series are addictive! for me n for u, yeah u, dun actla k! the romance, the thrill, the humor, oh wat fun!!! I like series too, even anime(ONE PIECE!!!). Currently i love House, CSI, One piece n thats about it for now.  I love House in House, i love every1 in CSI n I love Luffy in One piece. The growing up to each other process, the complications, the hypocrasy, u name it,i love it!!!

But wat i m sure almost all of us realise is that, our life is part of a series too. The baby season, the kindergarden season, the reaching adolescence season, the “nobody-understands-me” season & etc. Honestly, if i made a series of myself, sure tak laris wan, takde drama langsung, gosh i was boring.

Well, in every season of the series there would be one big crisis. That would the most sought after part of the whole season. How the crises is solved and wat we learnt from it is very important, n thats wat keeps us addicted to the series. y am i talking about this, wats the whole point of this blog, I TAK TAU!!! SAJE JE, RASE MACAM NAK BLOG, I BLOG LA, MASE AKU YG DIBAZIR KAN!!! HEHEHE!!!

actually, i nak cakap yg everything pun ade endingnyer. baik buruk, baik jahat, kite kene teruskan hidup. U gotta live ur life, so move on. Kalo nak dread in the past, sape sakit hati, kiteeeee jugak, kalo mengamuk giler giler, sape sakit mulut, kiteeee jugak. So, tak yah la nak emo sangat dalam hidup ni. Emo tu bagus, tapi ape2 pun kalo terlebih memang tak bagus kan. “Looks who is talking, the DRAMA QUEEN!!!”  u say eh? Hey like i said hidup ni macam series kan, kalo takde drama tak jalan la oi!

this is not related at all wif wat i m going to say, but i just wanna say that in my life i hv realised that confrontation works much better than back stabbing.

ouh by the way, i hv diagnosed myself wif “obsessive-compulsive disorder” over my bed. now that i hv warned u, dun terkejut biler i jump at u nanti.

Thats all, i know i was boring n half way thru u went like “whr is she going wif this?” i was bored n i had nothing to do la, sorry k! muaks, SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyang u all!!!

a few quotes that i liked during this month;

“u’re unhappy wif the riches, cos ur piss poor morally”- Live ur life song

“i will stop being a bitch, wen men like u stop behaving like dogs”- Kareena Kapoor, Kambakht Ishq

“step by step, drink tea n coffee n decide, its easy”-Prof.Parshikov, peads surgery

“n the 7th thing i hate the most that u do, u make me love u”- Miley cyrus, 7 things



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