the intro!

Yesterday was the first day of my practicals in Selayang. I met the Senior consultant, her name was Dr.Haliza and my first impression of her was “DAMN SHE IS SUCH A &*^$*!!!!

But at the end of the day, ii was made to go for this thing called “pre-op” and at that time i realised that that woman was really a woman with a lot of substance. U cant mess with her. She knew her facts n she made sure that her underlings knew them well too. She asked a lot of questions and man, was i feeling the heat altho i was not the one on the hot seat. Her questions were very basic, like “y do u think its this n not that? Y did u decide on this? What made u opt for that?”

These were questions that the MO’s or consultants shud answer right away,but it was not so. Sum didn’t know y they decided to put a diagnosis n when the HOD asked “Dr.X, tell me all the signs of uterine rupture?”. I gasped, it was a 4th year question n the HO didnt answer. I was like, shit i better know my details, or i am gonna be so screwed!

Today i joined a seminar for Breast feeding. I think its obvious that ppl dun take this thing seriusly. Ppl think its sumthing boring n non important. Even in Russia during peads i tot the same. I regret that now. We saw clips of how bottle feeding is dangerous during Emergency situations(tsunami, war etc.). The pic which really took my back was the pic of a feeding bottle n teat which had sum amount of maggots. Sum amount but still, MAGGOTS!!! can u imagine?

I think its important that the govrnment pushes this issue as very important ones. We hv so many great medical facilities but there is no point to it if the morbidity n mortality level in babies is high.

Yawn!!! i m tired! Bye good night!


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