Haha, i didnt do my so called nasty blog. Not that i decided not to, but at the moment that i wanted to, i was being lectured about wat a shopaholic i am. I was sad, so after lecture went to sleep. Kesian kan i.

Today my mum made me even more sad, she said she has succesfully lost 11kg n i looked at myself in the mirror n my mum said “i think the last two kilos i shed went to u!” Yep instead of losing weight(which was my summer holidays’ one n only aim) i hv gained two kilos!

i m sad liao
i m sad liao


But other than that day has been goin on well, my mum is still walking around proudly, i m stuck to the chair n am really grumpy.

Anyways on a lighter note, that pengarah lady/man finally signed my paper but we all start on  different dates. Nana on the 29th, then me on the 1st, then the two boys on the 5th. Sigh, they just hv to do sumthing upside down. 

so for at least another week i goyang anybody in need of sumone free to talk to, sum1 to go out shopping wif, i m here. Just be sure to arrange transportation for me k, then i will cum!

I wish i cud be like this!SIGH!!!
I wish i cud be like this!SIGH!!!

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