its boring boring VERY BORING!!!!!

goin crazy!!!
goin crazy!!!

I wish i hv a puppy, i wish there was a little kid at home, i wish i had a job, i wish i hv a car to drive around, i wish i won enuff money to go shopping… I WISH FOR ANYTHING BUT A DAY WIF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO!!!!!

If onie sum ppl cud get their asses to their respective chair n sign a few papers, i wudnt be complaining. Wen we went to IJN we were actually early like two weeks earlier than our supposed date, but ppl there were good enuff that they did wateva is it that they hv to do for us that day itself. We started our practical straight away! Probably thats wat u get wen an organisation is not purely under the goverment!

Actually i am just pissed cos i hate sitting at home. When in russia i wan to go home, but i dun like juz lazing around at home, for me i muz be on the move, alwiz, or at least the first half of the day.

 If thr is nothing to do for a day, i m ok, 2 days,i can live wif it, but 3 straight days, no way. I m goin KOO-KOO!

I m moody, i dunno wat to do, i m restless, i m hating the fact that i m on a holiday, n seriusly considering leaving to russia asap!!! Y? cos there at least the transportation is not that sucky , n yeah they dun hv that many snatch thieves n rapist n well basically criminals. So seriusly, i feel much safer in Russia. N over there i know where i wan to go, n i will go, here i cant la. what to do?

i m so bored i m gonna do another blog soon. N yep, its gonna be one nasty one i hope, cuz i m in a BAD mood!


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