Lookin@Feelin good? Which is more important to u?

Took this from an online book ad n modified it!
Took this from an online book ad n modified it!


lame tak post kan? hari ni nak gune bahase rojak la. Actually tak tau nak cakap ape, hehe. Anyways i wish i cud be happy wif myself. I am very concious about my tummy n my weight but the more i wan to lose the weight the more i m gaining. Bukan ape, siape yg tak concious kalo everyday dgr org cakap ” i ni gemuk kan, u tgk la i punye tangan ni”. i hear it almost 24 hours a day that i start thinking “i ni tak gemuk ke?”. So i went home that day n took a good “look” at myself for the very first time, n man did i see the flaws. N that was when i started to be really concious of my weight.

Moreover, there were sum who said i looked 2 months pregnant wif my tummy. I hv tried everything, reducing my rice, reducing the amount i eat but still i hv not lost any weight. So far no guys hv said that i am fat, but they say “OK WAT!!!” Seriusly i dun understand wat that “OK” means.

I may sound like a hypocrite now, but i think every woman is beautiful in her own way. There is sumthing definitely beautiful in a woman, it just takes time n effort for her to notice n use it. But most of us, being human, search for wat we dun hv more than using what we hv. Y? I dunno. We know no one can be perfect but still, u just want to remove that unseen mole hidden among ur right brow, cos to u, thats so not suppose to be there.

Wen Deepika Padukone was asked in an interview of wat does she see in the mirror when she sees herself, she answered “i see lots of flaws”. So thats proof(altho we dun need it) woman no matter how gorgeous will still say she is not beautiful.

Deepika Padukone
Funny, kan? N wen we look at clothes. Kalo girls punye, My God the choices, bole jadi giler. There r so many, i mean u hv so many shops for girls but for guys sikit je kan. Thas cos most guys, espc Asian guys tak suke shopping. Sum of them oredi know ape nak beli then they just buy. They dun go tengok kedai mane ade best price n best design, just beli.
But guys dun care how they look (most la, to my experience). They just wear what they want to wear then keluar. Tapi kalo perempuan, hoi! Kalo aku naki gi mega pun ake dress up, i take at least 1/2 an hour to dress up, lepas tu kene tgk jaket mane sesuai wif the season lagi. Sounds like a hassle kan, but tak kisah la, thats the onie time i get to go out kan. Moreover when i go out bukan i je cuci mate kan, org lain tgk i pun kene cuci mate gak, (hehe perasan la aku ni kan!)
Haih, i m blabbering so much! nak tido la! Eh tunggu for all the girls ini gambar Arjun Rampal yg tak kisah ape he pakai as long he is comfortable. Well he is good looking, does it matter what he wears?!!!
Arjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal
Toodles, Good night.

2 thoughts on “Lookin@Feelin good? Which is more important to u?

  1. u must feel good in order to look good..btw,that deepika mmg a shining star now..y u never choose other pix of arjun rampal?he looks very selekeh in that pic..

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