Kids say the darnest thing

I wanted to write more but i m really drained.

Symbols: M=me, D=darshana(3 years old, my niece), C=cousin(Darshanas’ mom), MM= my mom

MM:Darshana, who is beautiful, amma(my cuzin) or u?

D: Me(pointing at herself)

MM: u ah? Not Amma ah?

D: No, not amma me, me(repeated pointing at herself)

MM: Ok, ok. Maalini chitti beautiful or Yasshni chitti(aunty) beautiful?

D: Yasshni chitti beautiful, Maalini chitti beautiful

M: Eh, then y ur amma not beautiful?

D: No, amma not beautiful

C: Y i am not beautiful?

D: Bcos, u dun look beautiful LA, so not beautiful!!(was a bit irritated)

C: i dun wanna talk to u oredila, dun fren u.

D: u dun wanna fren me ah?

C: mmm(nodding), yes!

D: Okla, okla, u r beautiful la! (sounding very unconvincing)

Dunno if it is funny to u, but to me it made my day. Her face, her voice n the way she talked, i will never be able to forget it easily.

Good night take care.


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