A dinner to remember!

I m so happy today. I finally got to meet my Form6 frenz. Its been 4 years since i met them, although not all cud make it, i was happy to see those who came. I felt like i was back in 6 Sc 1 again(sob* sob*).

Well the girls hv becum beautiful women, except for Choon Sin, she looks like a little girl wif her white shirt and baby green top. The boys err.. hv well…manage to remain as boys. Chang Chuan has his primary school “i-hate-girls” attitude intact, towards me at least.

The day was ok. We had sum fun talks mostly about me n CCC, cos we wr from Russia and they all hv not met me for like 4 YEARS!!! I wish i cud describe more but i m feeling very weak.

U guys can look at the pix in my facebook. Bye.


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