Finally I am babbling

It been almost a week since i am home, n i m bored, really bored. Just the fact that i hv nothing to do, i am like wishing i had a part time job, okla not to that extend but just want sumthing to do. everyday i just stare at facebook n think “What the hell was i doing wif this thing, that i spent so much time on it while studying?”

I wanna go out shopping, but got no kaki n got no transport, hv to depend on Amma n Appa. Anyway, i wont rely on our public transport system oso cos they r so “excellent” in timing. Therefore stuck at home, like rite now. Haiya, if in russia by now i m either in Real or Mega or Pakrovskaya oredi. Sigh!!!

At least i would hv sum1 to gossip or kutuk wif. My roomate is a clown, so thats one of the best entertainment oredi. My blockmates are, err..well…studious but when it comes to shopping no one can beat them la. I hv travelled wif them n i hv spent nearly 45 minutes to an hour in a shop just for them to buy one bag. I wudnt complain much cos i think i spent almost the same amount of time when i wan sumthing

Ha….those were the days, running behind Kok Meng  like anak-anak itik wif our luggage, laptop bags n an extra bag across Europe. Well, TKM no one can beat u in management of a holiday, i wud gladly pay u to plan my future holidays. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Shari-ann, Nava, 7t, Maisara n of cos TKM.

i think i m going too far ahead from topic liao! see if i can think of anything else to babble later.


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