The troubles of renewing a passport

On Friday I went to the Imigration Dept to renew my passport, i reached there about 10 o ‘clock and went to take my nombor giliran. When i went there, the guy at the counter said ” Kami tak bagi nombor giliran sekarang, miss. System kami down sekarang.” I asked him how much longer would it take, he smiled and said “I tak taula, miss. Its the system, manala I tau”. Couldn’t blame him for that, he was right anyway. I wasnt annoyed much cos i m on a holiday so i can come anytime, but i remember the look on the other ppl’s faces, MAN THEY WERE PISSED!!!

So I came back the next day(the branch in Damansara is open on saturday n sunday except on public holicays), n guess what?!!!! YEAH, SYSTEM TOO SLOW  N SOON DOWN!!! This time I was pissed, yeah. I mean i cum twice, ur parking system is lousy cos u hv four floors reserved for ur kakitangans, n i had to pay twice for that lousy parking, n now u tell me ur system is down! During this time, their service with a smile just makes u wanna punch them.

I hope their service gets better soon. I need to do my passport soon.


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