Nizhniy-Moscow-Dubai-Malaysia…THE JOURNEY!

Well let me begin wif this, S7 SERVICE SUCKS!!! i almost missed my Emirates flight thanks to these ppl!  i reached moscow in the nick of time, n luckily i called the Emi counter n luckily i had enuff credit to call

these words still ring in my head ” u hv 12 minutes, if u dun reach by then u will miss ur flight!” N at that time we were still in S7, in my head i was like “shit, hv to take luggage, hv to find counter, do we hv to go thru imigresen”

when we got of the flight we ran like mad, luckily there was no imigresen to go thru, n our bags arrived first. But then we wr stopped by these 2 women, they asked us for our ticket n we cudn’t find it, n the lady asked “do u hv to catch another flight?”  Me n Nava yelled “YES!!!” luckily the ladies wr understanding, n they let us go.

upon reaching the counter, i remember their faces, it was like “tak kuasa aku nak layan org macam ni!” but they helped us anyway. then they made us run. Both me n nava each had a handbag, laptop bag and a hand carry to run wif, n mind u we were on heels. i was like “SHIT, SHIT SHIT!!!! I HOPE I REACH INTO THE FLIGHT!”  n just before reaching the gate my legs were like “enuff, enuff rest now” but i cudnt, the gate was insight n i forced myself, n i reached it in time.

Me n Nava were not one of the last but i remember one of the steward asking Nava “had fun shopping?”. FElt like kickin his butt but was too tired for that.

The whole journey after that was fine. Reached home happy n drained n into Appa’s arms.


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