5 S and 4 C

A few months ago my dad asked me jokingly “So baby, what are u looking for in a guy?” Shocked, I said “Eh?” . He repeated his question again, and added “u know la, u 24 oredi, hv to start looking now.”

I was a bit irritated wif the fact that my dad wanted me to leave the house so soon but answered him anyway. I told him basically all the nilai-nilai murni I learnt in moral. By the way my dad was joking about looking for a guy for me, at least for now he is.

But come to think of it now, the demands are not really realistic, but I guess there are some basic things a girl would want from a guy. First the 5 S’s

ü  Sensitive

ü  Sensible

ü  Sexy

ü  Supportive

ü  Stable(emotionally and monetarily)

I think this is not too much to ask for is it? Well the “sexy” thing is a bit too much I think, cos not all the guys actually care to look good for their gf’s from what I hv observed. Then I think there is the 4  C’s

ü  Charming

ü  Caring

ü  Charismatic

ü  Culturally educated

Having watched a lot of Hindi movies in my head there are so many romantic moments that wish would happen in my life, but I guess a girl can only dream as much. I lately hv been fancy-ing  Aamir Khan. Not bcos of his 8-packs but bcos of the way he acted as this businessman, he had all the 5S’s and the 4C’s.

But in real life I dun really think I could get such a guy. *Sigh*


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