seeking attention

Its been a looooooooooooooooooong time since i put up any post here. it dun matter, i just post wen i am bored, hv no passion for blogging.

this blogging thing is actually sumthin that was a hit in the beginning but now it has faded. Sum ppl do keep their blogs up-to-date wif things happening in their lives. But sum use it as a weapon. I dunno whether it is to get their stats high or wat, they actually meddle into other ppl’s business n write about other ppl. Sumtimes the things they write about dun even concern them. They criticise others up to a level where it seems that they hv been waiting for a chance to lash at others.

Internet is a good thing, but in sum ppls hands it becums so dangerous. Criticism and naming others publicly has become a trend and a way for ppl to release their anger. I do hv bad opinions abut others but i dun write it online i mean ur own frens are reading it too. What would they think about u?

Lately a lot of my frens hv been targets of online criticism. I must say i feel pity for those who wrote all these things about my frenz. It looks as if ppl here are so shallow minded n hv really nasty mouths!

Seriusly, first of all hv sum respect for urself, n DO respect others if u want respect to be given to u. I dun demand respect from ppl, i just want friendship, n i respect every1 until forced otherwise. Anyways Bitching around is fun, until sum1 bitches about u, so i guess every1 will hv their turn.

Quote:Respect should be earned not taken by force. And nobody is PERFECT!


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