The one of many sorts

Today is the MS day. So, this morning i had this overwhelming feeling of anger just cause i saw a plastic bag down on the bathroom floor n pail filled wif water which was there for no reason. I threw the bag into the bin, splashed the water to the bathtub then banged the pail. Was  relieved a bit, anyways i dun think any of the girls noticed the noise.

I hv oredi finished all my exams and now just waiting to go for my 2nd euro trip to begin. Hv oredi gone for the food shopping, didnt buy lots of noodles this time, dun hv the nice heart to donate food again.  This tims my trip is going to be to Germany, Spain and Portugal. M not sure what is there to see there but i want to experience it all.. Oh i forgot one more place, most guys are wondering what am i and 3 other girls are going to do there, well thats just too bad la ha. Well i am going to Amsterdam DUDE!!! HAAAAAHAAAAHAAA!!!  Oh last year i went to Moulin Rouge too, my eyes was open wide n was gasping away thru out the whole street. They even had a shop that had a big lighting called “SEX SHOP”, the light was so attractive it still fresh in my mind. A word of caution to myself: No “pantene-ad” shots this year, I WILL NOT BE “NONDI” aka “Dr.House” AGAIN !!!

I hv just finished a “super-magnificent exam” called Hygiene. That exam was the only that made me scream “AAAAAARGGHHHH!!!!!”  while banging my head on the table n pulling my hair(i really did it the night before exam). It was such an exam where half way readin the answer to a question u go “y the hell am i reading this? Seriously? y y y y Y Y Y?!!!”  Most fall asleep after readin just one question, sum can read two question and the rest of the time r staring at the paper but the mind is elsewhr. This is my proposal : Hygienic requirement for the subject called Hygiene : give it to the first years(at that time any subject seems very important,n we wud probably hv worked harder.)

Talking about hygiene, i better go take my bath now. Buh bye!


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