Urology and surgery without Xiang Bin and sathia has been very boring. I hv no idea what the rest of my groupmates talk about cos all they can talk abt is games. Not that i am against it, but EVERYDAY?!!!!!. Dude, what the hell? I sit there barely being noticed, i think i am not noticable at all until they need to know the homework(gosh i feel like such a nerd). Everyday, PVP, grinding, shield or wateva…i sit there everyday listening to that n i dun even know what that means till now.

After this i suppose i would be in worst situation, but hey how much worse can it get from being invisible? i m so glad that class finishes tomoro(finger’s crossed) . Oh Xiang Bin, iwill try my best to tension myself n finish all my exams together wif u from now on. 

There i let it out oredi!!! Feels much better!


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