to watch u grow


When i left to russia, my sister was onie 13 years old. She still loved Barbie dolls n wanted teddy bears as presents. It would hv sufficed if i got her a winnie pooh teddy bear(even if its a mini one) but now….MY GOODNESS, HER DEMANDS!!!! She wants handbag, with a brand known by every1. It has to be glamorous. Now barbie dolls hv bcum posters of that guy in High School Musical. Honestly i find that boy looking more like  a girl than his kind. I spent nearly 6 pounds in Edinburgh on a poster of him. It now hangs in the STUDY ROOM in my house. Can u imagine, the STUDY ROOM?!!!

7 years apart, but still look very similar, almost like twinz
7 years apart, but still look very similar, almost like twinz

I missed when she was young . It was so easy to please her, n she didnt hv a slang. Now, its the teenage “LIKE-WHATEVA” slang. She talks like she rules the world. She wants to look very trendy n everything has to be branded. She fights back more often now, she thinks she is alwiz right(didn’t we all?!!). She feels like she is under a lot of pressure n the whole world is against her. GOSH i really wish she didn’t grow.

She is much taller, much fairer now. I hv to be on stilletos to be her height. If before i use to laugh at her for trying to reach my height, now n from now on, i m gonna be laughed at cos i m shorter than her. Believe it or not she is still growing. If before she could not stop herself from eating, now she eats only a certain amount n thats that. No more, no less. She controls what she eats. “U know, thats high in cholestrol. OMG how can u eat that thing?” thats what she said when I put a boiled egg yolk into my mouth. Seriously sis, u think i care.

But sumtimes i find that she grew up too fast. If before she loved holding my hand n would follow my tail everywhere i went, now she goes on her own n she walks ahead. She use to mimic everything i did, but today everything i do is “like SOOO OLD FASHION!!!” 

The one thing i hate the most everytime i go back is everybody has sumthing new in them or wif them. Same goes wif my sister. I never watched her grow, in our lives as sisters we only stayed together under the same roof for 7 years, n thats all. From baby till she was 7 she was wif my aunt, n now from her 13th till her 19th years of life, i m in Russia. Then she will be furthering her studies n i will probably be at home or married. Sumtimes i feel that my r/ship wif my sister is very different, there is not much of closeness, but we know we love each other very much. At least i know i love her very very much, i cant be speaking for her of course, she is her own girl now. On the phone we hardly hv anything to say to each other n we never say “i love u”, she use to say it before, but i guess she grew out of it. 

I miss my little sis, at least the times when i could treat her like one. Now i am very careful how i talk to her, n i think a lot when i hv to buy her a gift, cos its no more a teddy bear. Turn back the time maybe?


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