layan je!!

Nowadays i just dun care about ppl oredi. Nak buat ape pun buat je la. I mean its ur life, not mine rite. y shud i care. But pls dun screw wif me, i dun like it.

I am patient, yes, when i get mad i cry, yes, n u will never know i cried cos of wat u did. But then, i hv a level to my patience. U get above it, there is no way  i can describe wat i will say to u.

i m not ur clown. dun mess around wif me, dun play wif me like i am ur amusement toy. I hv feelings, n anger is also a feeling. N yes i can express that feeling, n i  wont be responsible for the hurt i will cost u.

B4 i use to bother so much of who is talking to me, who is not? Who copies, who does not? But seriusly, how the hell is that gonna affect me? Their wish la want they want to do wif their life kan. Who am i to say “screw u!”

nowadays i avoid ppl who keep making my BP high. Just avoid, n i run my life my way. Nowadays, kalo nak cakap biar ade sebab yg munasabah. If not, just shut ur damn mouth, Maalini. I dun wan anymore trouble wif any1

But seriusly, this is my opinion, guys make better frens than (most)girls. Guys got no PMS, no mood swings, no i-hate-myself mood n they hv no comments to give u unless u ask them for one. They r more simple, But then again not all guys r the same. Sum r hot-tempered n hv huge ego, well the hot-tempered i boleh layan, the huge ego i hv 3 words for them  but i will not say it here.

But even that, i dun care  oredi. I mean ur ego, ur egola. I seriusly dun wanna put it down ke, boost it up ke. I dun wanna correct any1’s mistake. Let them learn by themselves. I hv had enuff of saying “maybe u shud…” n for wat. To get back a slap on the face.

Nowadaysi m happy wif the way i live. My small, independant peaceful life. Enuff of heart breaks by ppl i call “best fren”. Twice kena oredi, dun wan anymore la. Tak tahan oredi. Sakit!!! So no more best fren, just frens, n thats as far as it gets,

i know i tend to get too close wif ppl. But now it has changed. i learnt my lesson. I hv to put myself first, if i dun take care of myself, no one else will. About caring for others, thats a good trait of mine that is now in hibernating mode. Will only restart it in M’sia, ppl there r much more worth while in my life. Nowadays, its a hi, necessary talk, then chiao!

Sum ppl here r very close to my heart, for them there r exceptions of coskan.

Anyways, b4 i end this ridiculous blog, HAPPY DIWALI Y’ALL!!!


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