The Good Old Form 6 Science 1 days!!!


One picture is all it took to bring all the good memories back. Thanks to technology n facebook. It was a class picture of my form 6 class. My form 6 days, two of the last jolly happy years of my life. The two last years when i went to school by the same school bus i was taking for 5 years previously. The last two years i got to wear my white n blue uniform. The last two years when i went to recess with just RM 2 in my pocket for the day. The last two years when tuition was sumthing vital.

I miss those days, i was happy, problem free, free of cooking, free of washing dishes, just FREEE!!!. I alwiz wanted to go to school to be wif my classmates, n we wud all “YAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM SSSSSSSSENGGGG!!!” together. All of us will lift up our water bottles n toast although only one of us wanted to drink. It was fun, we were 6 science 1 n we proved that we were number one in making lots of noise. There was once i think, the teacher from the opposite block came to our class to tell us we were noisy, LIKE WE CARED!!!

MUET was every1 ” favourite” subject. We had a pervert for a teacher,  he was stubborn-headed, alwiz wanted to prove himself right, and he alwiz talked about sex. There was a time when he refuse to teach our class, n he never came in at all for the forthcoming schooling days, again, LIKE WE CARED!!!

The ones that bring a smile to my face are errrrr…errr…EVERYONE. Seriously!!! Every1 had their personal trait of humor. But the one all of us love the most was MR.JP, OUR BELOVED CLASS N PHYSICS TEACHER. He was a great physics teacher, making fun of us all the time, all of us were mocked by him. But to think about it now, it’s a sweet memory,

We were sitting for our STPM, but u cud never see any of us sitting down bending towards the book. It was a rare situation, to ever see us like that, we alwiz had sumthing to talk about, sumthing to laugh about, sum1 to irritate. The other form six classes were filled wif hardworking ppl, but ours wasnt, sum of the teachers were amazed. Our bio teacher compared us wif 6 sc 4(who were really i mean, REALLY HARDWORKING), we didnt care.

OH YES, HOW CAN I FORGET Mrs,TAN?!!! She was suppose to be our Chemistry teacher but she thought us more about life than chemistry. At the end of each Chemistry class, we found out another way to kill ourselves.

(sigh) There is just so much to say, but i hv an exam in nine days time, so i shall stop here.


5 thoughts on “The Good Old Form 6 Science 1 days!!!

  1. Nila, these r the amount of ppl that were left la. No more, no less.
    Choon Sin: try to add sumthing that u remember in the comment. N thanks for the gud luck

  2. eh, i think there’s at least 2 ppl missing la… shamin and another indian girl (her name slipped my mind) – she’s slim, tall and used to tie her long hair in braids… remember?

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