open house = Makan makan makan!!! KEGEMBIRAAN!!!

Yesterday n today, i makan makan makan tapi tak masak! How cum? All thanks to my darling friends who invited me to their open rooms & open floors.

Yesterday lunch was provided by, Azrina, Filzah, Erna and Wani. SEDAP GILER BEB!!! Their chicken rice n orange sponge cake was my fave. I was like makan makan makan, cudnt stop.  (NO wonder gemuk!!) 

Then had rest a bit from makaning for about 4 hours. Lapar balik dah! Then go to another open house, the third floor + Zakiah n Maisara punyer open house. My groupmate, Syahir masak Burgerdel, sedap sedap! Then there was roti telur, made by Syirun, not bad. I was too full till at a point i had to walk so that i dun let it out.

U guys thank u so much for inviting me. SELAMAT HARI RAYA. Lisa here i cum to ur open house pulak!!


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