lesson learnt?????

Lesson learnt:

never assume that sum1 knows u well just cos u hv spent a great deal of time wif them

never expect ppl to treat u the same way u hv treated them

dun ask a question more than once just cos u think u can get the answer that way, or just cos the person may look like they r in a good mood

dun underestimate any form of facial expression (espc one that looks “ok”)

dun think that everyday is a sunny day ; for u and espc for sum1 else

if sum1 jumps at u just cos u asked a question, leave it at that & dun bother explainin urself. cos most of the time its not ur fault, u just bcame the scape goat

dun get too attached to sum1, unless u r absolutely 100% sure they suit u

everybody deserves a second chance, n thats all they get

the most important person in the “Room of Life” is u

u r u, dun change urself for any1 else, just cos u think u can suit them better

DUN EVER put any1(except ur family) before u, sooner or later they might dump u n leave u behind, to rot

nobody is special, every1 has their own flaws, so dun give special treatment

the person called best friend dun exist(at least in my life)

trying to help sum when u know they dun wanna help themself is utter stupidity, cos u become the person to be blamed in the end

mind ur own business, n make sure others do the same when it comes to ur business

if there is sum1(by any slight chance), happens to get u n who u r, appreciate them, but dun over do it

if sum1 loves u n u love them too, treasure them, appreciate them, cos it might be the one n only person who cares about u n understands u


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