a waste of a dream

I hv alwiz wanted to be a doctor, n so did my parents. It was not installed in me neither was I forced. Ppl ask me why I wanted to be a doctor, I said its my passion. They asked me what do u mean by your passion. I said i wanted to help someone spend as much time wif his/her family by keeping him/her healthy. I wanted to help my patient to prevent as much disaster to himself/herself as much as I could probably prevent.  That’s me n my dream, its becoming more of a reality day by day.

Hence, why did I say “a waste of a dream” ? I pity those who weren’t as lucky as me. Those who hv had different dreams but were forced to be in a different reality. Some of them, I could say put this upon themsleves. They may have had big dreams but did not work for it. They lost their way and therefore lost their dreams. About these ppl, i hv to say that sum do make the best of wat they hv gotten. The best example is my cuzin, he studied something in computing, but ended up as a medical equipment salesman. Is he sad? Why would he be when his jobs requires him to travel the world, at the moment, he is in Hong Kong, SPONSORED BY THE COMPANY!!!! I am so jealous!

Moving on, there are others who hv worked hard, planned every step of their way towards achieving their dreams, but BA-DA-BOOM!!! Plan hangs halfway or worse, terminated. The reason maybe finacial, medical, psychological, or whatever.These ppl r the most pitiful ones, I mean u nourish ur dream, u take care of it everyway u can, but then sumthing happens that u hv to let go of ur plan, u hv to let go of ur dream. Hv i seen it happen? No, but i hv  heard about it…A LOT.

There is this one situation though that i can’t quite digest. Mind you, this is a real situation. This person really wanted to be in medicine and the person’s father could afford to send to India. D person went, has been there for over 4 years now, but the funny thing is, d person is still in 1st year. I mean u r getting wat u want, and ur parent also is spending the money just cos it is their childs dream. Dun tell me the person cant make it thru first year. If u r not capable why waste ur time there and why waste another persons dream. Why waste the space? Sum1 else cud hv taken ur place every of the year u hv been repeating, and that person cud hv achieved their dreams.

What do u think?


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