In need of psychiatric help!

I hv this problem, actually a lot of problems wif myself.

Let me explain this symptoms:

well, it starts off wif me being a maniac about my weight. A lot of girls are, but i guess my one is a bIt irritating for me itself. I mean i buy tight cloths in hopes that i will loose my tummy, but i dont. I eat well, i cant seem to reduce the amount i eat, n it gives me a bulging tummy, worth of 3 months pregnancy. And then u can see me going around babbling about how fat I am, n how much i hate my tummy. Moreover, everybody’s advice seems to be “DO SIT-UPS!!!” I hate sit ups, it hurts, and i can hardly bend myself. Well i can say that i hv not gone psycho cos of my weight, cos i know i am not anorexic or bulimic.BUT HELL ITS IRRITATING, N I CANT STOP MYSELF FROM BEING SO CONCIOUS ABOUT MY WEIGHT(TUMMY TO B PRECISE)

Next of, is my self-esteem. I hv this low self esteem. I dunno y. I know i study hard, i go for lectures(miss a couple la), i dun miss classes(except ruski). But still i feel that i am not good enough. I keep comparing myself with the wrong ppl, cos they r the most obvious ppl to my eyes. I compare myself wif ppl, who hardly take a book, came for a few lects, who do exams in a “special” way. I get so mad when i hear what they do, i feel like it is so unfair. Sumtimes i get so upset, i do cry. Giler, rite? Y do i hv to cry? But still i do, every sem. and at those times i get angry easily too. In my head, its like “I work so hard to get my results, and look at them. Senang-senang je!” So this problem is annoying too, cos i know i shud ignore but i cant. AAAAARRRRGGHH!!!!

When it cums to materialz, my dad is a gem. He gets me wat i want, coz i am his first n i am overseas for ten months. But i dun get it easily though. I hv to nag him 24/7 about how great is the thing i want to buy, how i will feel w/out it, how everyone has it but me, bla bla bla which is full of nonsense. I know in the end i wud get it, but still nagging my dad is fun ūüėõ¬†. Anyways, my point is, i hv everything i want, but still when i see what others hv, i go like “(sigh)… i wish i had that”. Or even when it cum to styling myself, at home i will do research of wat cud look nice for me, n in fact go to the level of making it happen. But when i get here, i look at others, n go “Great, now that looks much better than wat i did with myself. Oh God y dun i hv the fashionable mind!” Well, now that i hv put it down in words, needless to say, i know that i hv to be happy with who i am, be grateful that i hv a functional body and hv a super-duper-wonderful dad, but still, i dont feel that way.

Another problem, is that i am a problem magnet. The problem is not usually related to me but i happen to get involve in that problem. How do i happen to get involved? Thats an easy question, the answer is, I CARE TOO MUCH¬†ABOUT OTHER PPL! I mean i hv this “Aww, i feel so pity for this person. Y shud this person get stuck in this problem? She/he shud be saved. Alright, I will advise them not to do this-this-n-that!” And BANG!!! I am involved, n in the end my r/ship with that person goes hay-wire, and so is any other ppl related to that particular problem. Ppl call me¬†nosy, but i¬†thought i was caring and that i was gonna be a savior. How STUPID?!!¬†And most of the time the problems shud seriously be none of my business, but i cant help myself sumtimes, i just feel that it is unfair to the (gonna be) affected party, that i actually go get involved in the problem. (sigh)¬†Y cant i be ignorant?!

Another problem i hv, I CANT ACT! I cant pretend that i dun like sum1. If i dun like them, they will know i dun like them. Cos i hv this problem of avoiding them rite in front of their face. I mean its obvious even to me that i am obviously avoiding these ppl. I mean its like they will b in front of my face, n u can see me looking down on the ground pretending i lost sumthing on the floor. Gosh that sound so stupid. N there are another group of ppl whom i avoid too, ppl who fought wif me for no apparent reason, i mean at least not a good one. And thr r these group of ppl who just dun talk to me@ stop talking to me for no apparent reason as well. Sumtimes they give stupid reasons for not talking to me, but i listen to it anyway but it goes unprocessed thru my brain.

But, y is it that when these ppl dun talk tome, i rase sakit semacam. I mean its not like i am gonna die if they dun talk to me. But still i go back to my room n think n think n think y this¬†person dun talk to me, wat cud i hv done to them. After sumtime though, once i am used to them not talking to me, in¬†my head i wud think “Ouh go to hell!”¬†

These are the list of my problems that i can think of now. It’s obvious i know what to do. But how to make myself do it? How to be happy with what i hv, how to ignore, how to not bother what other ppl do with their lives? TELL ME HOW!¬† ; )


4 thoughts on “In need of psychiatric help!

  1. smhow linked here =)
    hmm,not much of a advisor but these few ‘tips’ might help =p

    dun care too much abt anything…
    be positive…and confident
    believe in urself…
    the obsession in weight is not gud actually….u noe tey r so many out there wit even worse problems? its just normal …. sit up is the only solution…maybe be more determined to practice it? =)
    i went thru similar situations and tis worrying abt evrything attitude kinda won’t help….
    hope u’ll feel better …
    cheer up gal!

  2. geez..u can really whine huh?? keke, kidding..
    this is the way i see it..dun try to catch the wind with a feather in your hand..thinking that you have to achieve smthing is not a bad thing, but to lose wat u already have in the process of attaining wat u want isnt wat u wud go for either..
    for example, trying to lose weight by not eating and in the end having to get admitted to a hospital for peptic ulcer isnt the best decision u can take..
    wriggling your way thru exams with papier mirabilis isnt gonna save your patient in the future and u’ll be lookin at a notice for malpractice instead..
    trying to change people and making them see things from your perspective wont work if they are determined to keep their eyes shut..
    being different is a gift – live it..u can either be like everyone else or be is your choice, u know..

  3. hm…

    I think everyone has a tummy. Exercise maybe? Sit ups (I hate them and don’t do them either) or yoga? stretches that makes the part of the body move…

    If don’t eat so much, maybe might help.

    self-esteem? Cannot compare like that. Those people who don’t study whatnot and score by cheating, and you who study so hard and at the end score, you should count your blessings. At least you have your brains working and know exactly what you are actually doing. Those people who don’t study yet scores through cheating don’t even know what it is they are doing and their degeneration of brain cells will be much faster than yours. Hence, perhaps they’ll get Alzheimer’s earlier than you do. Why wanna degrade yourself by comparing to those unworthy of your attention? However, if you are talking about those people who doesn’t study with their noses in the books or don’t have to study much, yet don’t cheat and score, they are geniuses. Each and everyone has their own study method.

    Material thingy. I think you are the typical kiasu person. Don’t so kiasu. Maybe you just need to know that you only need things that you need and are necessary, not your wants or desires or indulgence. You get everything from you father. What’s to be so proud out of that?!!! I think you get things too easy from you Dad, that’s why you are so unappreciative and don’t treasure the stuff you have. Try not asking anything from your Dad and get the things you want by your own means. Maybe you’ll learn how to be more appreciative and value the things you get coz it’s your own money!!!

    Stay out of trouble! People with trouble always attract trouble. It’s the law of the universe. So, if you pity someone, just know that nature will take its cause. You are not God. So, just tell them to pray to God to solve their problems. It helps more than you can ever imagine. Faith and prayer work wonders. Then, you won’t be stuck in between and make r/ships turn sour.

    If you can’t act, then DON’T BOTHER acting. If you don’t like somebody, why bother being a HYPOCRITE??? Why would you even bother to please people whom you don’t even like in the first place? Pleasing everyone else but yourself is a crime! I think you should love yourself more than the people that you don’t like. So what if they know you don’t like them? Maybe it’s a good thing that they take the time off to reflect upon themselves! Or ask you why you don’t like them. Then, you can tell them the truth.

    If people suddenly don’t talk to you, then you should ask them why they aren’t talking to you. The problem should lie with you since it is people, and not one person who are not talking to you. It’s good that you find out. Then you won’t go home thinking why? why? why aren’t they talking to me! You would have killed two birds with one stone. Save yourself from misery and know why they are not talking to you. No worries. If it’s good reason and it hurts, work on it. If it’s bullshit and crap, then just throw it out and know that they are not worth talking to either!

    I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. Both these occupations won’t give solutions as they just lend you their ears and you’ll have to seek the solutions by yourself in the end.

    These are just few pointers I’ve gained throughout my life. So, if it helps, keep it. If not, throw it out.

  4. moon_gal: Thank u for the tips, i will cheer up, how can i not, such good
    and easy tips to follow. ūüôā
    7t: yep, i am a whiner. the best i hv ever seen. I know wat i shud do now,
    Anonymous: wah, such a long comment. Thank u yeah. I hope that those who
    read this blog n hv the same problems cud het some ideas from
    ur comment. The reason i wrote this blog was i know that sum
    may hv one or two of the same problems i hv. i just wanna let
    them n myself know wat others think about such probs, n wat do
    they suggest so tat we overcome it.
    Thank u all once again.

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