sorry syahir

Finally my internet is working…I hv to say thank u to my dear friend Kiran, he said why not try this thingy, and there in a flash it all started to work. I was absolutely psyched, for a month I felt handicapped without internet, and now i can use it. At this moment i would like to say sorry to Syahir, my dear groupmate-cum-internet guy, i was badgerring him for almost a month about my internet, feel so bad now, but anyways I HAD TO!!!

I actually hv a lot of ideas of wat to write but I go on a loss for words when I start typing, guess I am more of a talking person. (Sigh) A lot a lot of thing happen in Nizhniy, first n foremost our washing machine decided to give up, it doesnt wanna spin.

Then our washing room is a mini swimming pool of dirt. We dont know the source of water yet, but today sum of our wonderful-kind-charming-nice-comel-n -all-the-good-stuff boys cleaned up the washing room. , Thank u, TKM, Neville, Yeow, Daniel, Sathia, Suvin, Jonas, Kesh, Kiran, Tiraj and…am I forgetting sum1…i hope not. 

Other thatn that classes hv been so far the damn serious topics. But now i am having paediatrics, I SO WANNA BE A PAEDIATRICIAN!!! I LOVE BABIES!

Shit, its 0805, i hv to go class. will try to cakap more later!


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