M’sians still the same

I have been coming home from IJN by LRT and Star. I hv to say, M’sian hv not changed a lot. From what i see,

  1. We still stroll, even if it is peak time
  2. We dun follow rules, e.g when we take the escalator in lrt stations, we should leave the right part of it free for those who want to go fast, some ppl just “tak kisah”, they just stand there. Pelikla!!!
  3. On the road, driving is sooo the scary, especially when driving next to some ppl who own a Kancil, since they are small, they think they can masuk anywhere.
  4. School kids walk lemah longlai although there is a car right behind them, they think they own the road.
  5. No matter how pack the LRT is, at least you don’t have ppl pushing you so that they can feel more comfortable standing(I believe students from russian uni will understand what I mean)
  6. Mamak stalls open 24 hours(i love this fact), and every stall is pack with ppl. Even if there is 5 stalls in one place, its all packed.
  7. We don’t stare blankly at a white or black guy, just cos he is different, we let him move around in ease.

This is what I can think of at this moment. U guys can add your points if u like. All I have to say is, “home sweet home”


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