Anak tak gune!!!

                         I hv been in IJN almost 2 weeks now, I have to say its a much better place than UH to learn. Ppl in IJN actually are very eager to teach u new things and they try to make u do hands-on as well. Nana got to take blood, but I hv not got my victim yet. I wonder who would that (un)lucky person be. Hehe!

                             Anyways this whole two weeks i have been seeing mostly old patients, like 60 to 80 years old. I pity most of them cos they cum all the way to IJN by themselves. There was this 80 year old Indian man, he was in a lot of pain, he could not breath that well. When he saw me he asked in English “Are you M’sian?” .  I said I am, and wondered why he had asked me that question. I guess my expression was very quizzical, he said “You don’t look like M’sian.”  For a moment I was happy he said that, then I remembered that 3 of the MO’s there were from India and Bangladesh. I secretly still wonder where he thought I was from. Then he told me in Tamil, his head was very painful. I went to looked for a nurse and told them he was in a lot of pain, the nurse told me that his consultant was on the way.

                              I went back to that old man. He looked at me and asked me to guess his age. I said 60, he said no, 80, he said YES. But he didnt look 80 to me. Then  he told me that he has 7 children just like me, all are successful. He said he put all his hard work to bring them up but today he has nobody to look after him. He said his children don’t care about his health and that he came here all by himself, he drove to IJN with all the chest pain and difficulty breathing. For the moment I listened to him but in my mind I was thinking, probably his children were busy this time but before they surely would have followed him, at least one out of the 7. I gave him a sympathetic smile, not knowing whether it was enough to comfort him. About 20 minutes later the nurse and the consultant(I dont like this guy cos he looked like sum1 i HATE so much!!!) came. After their check up on the old man, the nurse told me and Nana, that the old man always came by himself. Her exact words were “keluarga pak cik ni abaikan die!”  I felt real bad for this man, in his age sum1 should be by his side, taking care of him. The nurse asked the old man

“Pak cik datang dengan siapa?”

“Datang sama cucu”

“cucu boleh drive?”

“haha, die budak kecik lagi, saya yang drive”

I felt real bad, the consultant told him to rest in the ward until he was a bit better then drive home.

           Another patient was a Malay old woman. She came with her husband to IJN all the way from Shah Alam by taxi. Her actual appointment was 3 months away, but her pain was very bad she complained. The MO’s checked her and asked her to go home, but they told her that they gave her an early appointment, in September. Well then on she started to bising, she complained how she only had two kids and one was sick and the other was busy working. I suppose she went on with her rambling for about an hour,cos she wanted to be admitted, and finally she achieved her goal. But then again, how could the children be so inconsiderate of their parents. No matter how much of work you have don’t tell me u can’t help your parents by sending them and taking them back. Until today i have never seen any1 visiting the old couple, the old lady was lucky she has a loving husband.

How could adults these days be so inconsiderate? Your parents would do anything to see you healthy and happy, but when it is the adults turn to take care of their parents, they just let their parents go. In each religion, they say that you have to take care of your parents. In my opinion even if it is not return so, they are your parents, YOU BLOODY HELL OWE THEM EVERYTHING!!!

I just hope this stupid “trend” would stop. I seriously feel like cursing each and every1 one of these “anak tak guna”, i mean to see these old people suffer all by themself with no one to take care of them. I don’t think there is any good excuse to not take care of your parents


2 thoughts on “Anak tak gune!!!

  1. aha..i know what you mean, i think everybody will see these “cases” in any hospital..kinda depressing to see them sitting and lying there everyday, with just their ward mates to talk to..

  2. ‘For a moment I was happy he said that, then I remembered that 3 of the MO’s there were from India and Bangladesh.’
    -why would you be unhappy if he thought u were from India? I think some of the world’s best scientists and doctors are from India… you should be happy! 🙂

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