Stars blogging

As I am very free these days, i decided to read other peoples’ blogs. Well, I was amazed while reading blogs by stars, Bollywood stars to be exact.

The first blogs I read was by Aamir Khan. It was a very good blog. He confesses, he complains, he talks & talks & talks. It makes one feel closer with their fave actors. I was not a big fan of Aamir Khan in person, cos I never really read about him in any news, but thru his blog u get to know him a lot better.

Then I read Amitabh Bachan’ s blog. It’s good but the English is the very British type. Don’t have much to say about his blog.

The we have Karan Johar. His blogs are really entertaining. He is a funny guy, with a different mind, therefore his blogs really make my day. He has only made a few blogs so far but they are rather entertaining.

Hv not taken the time to read blogs by Hollywood actors, I wonder if they even exist. 

Well, thats all for the day.


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