The bla..bla..bla of the bla-bla-blas

Well I didn’t wanna put a very speculative title, but I am about to write about the VERY FAMOUS BLA-BLA-BLAS IN M’SIA. They are from the M’sian politicians. I mean we’v eall read our history books thoroughly, we know the reason why our country fell into the hands of the Westerners in the first place, the fight for power, and the constant bickering of who is better than who.

Here we are, after 51 years of independance repeating the same mistakes, and its worsen by the campur tangan of the US(Seriusly who the heck are they nak masuk campur dgn hal kite orang ini? Cucila belakang sendiri sebelum nak kutuk orang lain). The election has been over along time ago, but it seems as though the election campaign is still going on.

But why? What is done is done, why don’t our politicians think of the ppl and do whats best for them(ppl) instead of kutuking each other’s party. Its damn funny you know, macam budak kecik ok!

But I hv to say I like the way the PKR candidates talk. Its very proffesional! Tak tengking, tak marah, cakap semue dgn emotion yg stabil, dan takla nampak macam ade ceramah atau kuliah. I like the way they answer very ridiculous questions asked by the reporters. Like for example, the other day the Perak MP was talking about some pemberian tanah, and it was first come first serve basis, and he did mention tak kira bangse atau agame. Well I suppose that was fair enough and it was for ppl below the income of RM750/month if I am not mistaken. Well, then a repoter asked:

Reporter: Are you going to follow the PAS(Islamic) way of dealing in this state? 

MP: (Looking pissed but was calm) Why are you asking me that question? Keadilan(as in the pembahagian tanah to every1) bukan Islamic ke?

Reporter: (Knows he has been slapped) errr…tanye je…

Well, I was impressed with the way the MP talked. The Selangor MP was not bad either.

I would like to say that I am not promoting anyone or what so ever, but I am just suggesting that it is time that we had proffesional politicians. We need these kind of ppl. For me, I think its time for a change. We need change. We need ppl who can concentrate on the rakyat & not so consumed with their party.

Another thing that has been going on is the Anwar sodomy case. Just when you think its over its back again. I have no comment on the issue but I find that the involvement of the US is unnecessary and ridiculous.

Well I miss the Dr.M way of administration a lot. I felt that he was stronger person, he was a visionary and he made M’sia as it is now. The other I asked my dad why Pak Lah seems very weak, can he manage this country? My dad said that I(actually every) think Pak Lah is weak because everyone keeps comparing him with Dr.M. My dad said that Pak Lah lets ppl give their opinion, if it was Dr.M you would have no say. Maybe its true, but I am longing for a change in this country.

Last but not least I would like to finish this boring topic by saying, lets hope for the best for our future


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