The Small Reunion(6th July 2008)

It was 2.30 pm n I was rushing my parents to Sunway Pyramid. I guess I did make them bengang, but anyways I am like that, alwiz want to get my things done first.

By 3pm I was in Sunway Pyramid(SP), I was very excited, I called Selvi n told her I hv arrived. It was devastaing wen she said “HA!!!U reach oredi, I need to pick up Supriya first, it will take me at least 30 min to reach SP” (sob..sob)

Then I called Maria n she said “Hey Maal, wat r u doing there so early, I need to pick up Pari(Parimalar) first, it will take me 40 min to arrive.” I was like “Shit, I feel stupid” . Therefore, I had 30 min to go around SP by myself, BORING!!!

In 30 min, Maria and Pari came, followed by Supriya n Selvi 10 minutes later. We went to Pizza Hut to eat.  While we were there reminscing our past, Prakash n Prasad(Selvi’s freinds) came. They were nice guys, quiet but nice. Soon enough Shantini n Sivaranjini came. They were all making jokes and having fun, Supriya and I were at a blur, I guess I just got lost at the moment.

Then we decided to go bowling. I was like “Bowling? Would even be able to carry the ball? Great I am sooo gonna embarass myself today”. When we arrived in the bowling alley, the admin there told us to wait 30 min, so we had the time to go shopping for Maria’s new wallet. That’s when I realised that things were really cheap now cos its Mega Sale! I hv to bring my mom out now to go shop.

Later on, we went to the Bowling alley again, n started our game. Mine wasn’t such a bad start, 8 pins down in my first throw, then the rest of the throws became shitty. I guess Prakash got really upset cos he was the only one maintaining high scores in our team, the rest of us(Maria, Supriya n I) just threw the ball however we felt like. The good thing was Prakash thought me how to bowl. I suppose if I practise it will get better.

Then we all signed off for the day, Maria sent Siva, Shan n I back home. She bought herself a new car, i was jealous at the fact that she was oredi independant, n here I was still studying Medicine. Anyways,  I was the last person she sent back home, n I dropped my phone in her car. I still hv not got it back yet, Maria is very busy, hopefully soon she will hv the time to give me back my phone.


One thought on “The Small Reunion(6th July 2008)

  1. oii mangkuk la u,who ask u got ther sharp 3pm???hahaha tis gals forever will b late 30-60min for the said time.soo next time wen u were about 2 leave ur house js ring them to check it,tatz hw i do it 😛 aight will catcha wit ya soon.hav fun babe!!!

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