The Pre-Eurotrip

Well, before I start this blog I would like to say sumthing; Teoh Kok Meng, Sevvanthee, Maisarah and Navanita, my first-ever Euro trip was the best experience ever cos it had u guys in it.

Well, it started before the summer holidays. I was chatting wif my parents via webcam, and they told me that they would like to fund my Euro trip.  I quickly ran to 7t  n Kok Meng  and told them the good news(at least for me it was). Then the planning to this dreamy trip of mine started. We were lucky cos we had someone like Kok Meng who had everything meticulously planned from scratch. So basically, I just shaked my legs till like one week before leaving.

Then, we were off. I don’t remember the date, but it was the end of January. We went to Moscow by train. The journey wasn’t so bad. We reached Moscow at 11.15 a.m. and then the girls started running behind KM wif our bags. We took the metro then we took the van-shuttle to go to the Domodedovo Airport. By the time we reached the airport, we were all so hungry, so we ate in “Sbarro”

Then we went to the immigration, there was a young guy in the counter. he smiled at us, 4 girls, and we thought “Sure lepas cepat la this one” . Oh, how were we wrong? In fact, they tahan us aside, and asked the 5 of us so many questions like:

1. Where are u from? M’sia.     All of u? Yes!    Don’t lie to me, you are all from M’sia? YES!!!

2. Where are you going to? Paris, London, Berlin

3.Where will you be staying there? Give the documents that proves u are going to stay there. Sarah passed the papers 

We were waiting for nearly half an hour, like a bunch of idiots, talking about how idiotic these Immigration ppl were. Later they gave us our papers, and let us go to our flight. We never knew why the immigration ppl were like that until we reached Berlin. This guy from Moscow(M’sian student) told us that, there was a Pakistani who got caught carrying a Malaysian passport. IT JUST HAD TO BE A MALAYSIAN PASSPORT, RITE?!!

We were off to Paris, but not before having a mini transit in Vienna, where the  Immigration ppl dun even bother to look at ur face but straight away cop ur passport. Sweetness!

 Ouh, I forgot, I forgot. We had another funny mishap in the Moscow airport. I dun wanna say who(not me la, of cos), but one of us brought tuna in our handcarry. So, she had to throw the newly bought tuna away. Oh yeah, it was a pity but we had a good laugh, cos the person was like ” I tot tuna can bring ma.” Then another one of us said “Dear, there is water in that tuna, of cos u can’t bring. Aiyoh how many times I told u? “Anyway u will find out that I oso brought sum weird things in my bag, which will be revealed in my future post.



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